Sounds like an inside job. 15 k left in a store not in a safe overnight on Roosevelt Ave hmmmm!

WFP=Communism. Go make your own money and stop whining about Trump.

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is just one big empty lot to the Limousine Liberals who 'govern' the city. In the past 50 years, huge chunks of our park have been ripped away for stadiums, ice rinks, maintenance and office buildings, etc. These elected officials have never strolled or biked through the park so they neither know nor care that every acre is valuable to us Queens citizens. To lord de Blasio, it's more important to have every child inside a government run establishment from age 3 to 25, maybe they'll learn how to 'vote properly'. Follow the rules, Mr. Mayor. The State Legislature needs to decide if you can steal more park space for your projects, and I hope they say NO!

It'd be nice if the city would start applying money to fundamentals that improve the quality of the area instead of these non-priority projects. Did the residents even vote for this??? One fundamental that has oddly gone overlooked by the city is the pigeon infestation of the 7 train stations and staircases. The 103 street station and street level is often filthy with pigeon droppings and people there are always at risk of getting a little gift from them.

This pathetic fellow has no second thoughts, he prefers to push his insane far-left policies that will take money out of every taxpayers pocket in order to fund his political friends. Close Rikers Island and put jails in Flushing, in Jamaica, is this what the citizens want? Let's sum it up- powerful unions, powerful campaign donors and trendy causes get funded, schoolchildren and hard-working families get their pockets picked. New Yorkers can't afford this guy, election day can't come soon enough!

Look at the map showing where crashes occur. The area near the railroad overpass and the area near 55th Ave. At 55th Ave, why not fix the median here, put a proper turning lane and/or traffic light and a well-marked crosswalk. The area where traffic is narrowed to get under the LIRR needs better signs and perhaps banning crossing right there, it would be safer to prevent crossing here and ask residents to cross one block north or south. Do we really need to remove 2 lanes of traffic on a street that is one of the few wide streets in Corona? Must we have a bike lane next to a giant park full of bike lanes, or could the bikers simply ride along the edge of the park? It's too bad our elected officials prefer giant complicated solutions to a small problem, The citizens are MUCH smarter than the politicians or the DOT here.

It was a very touching Vigil.

True idiot , by fleeing he has made matters worst.Smh

hope they will be caught soon.

do not know why someone would leave the scene of an accident unless they were wanted by the law for something else

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