David vs. Goliath, SBS style, for several years to come.

It's too bad the mass transit crisis is not the major priority for all citywide election races.

Joy, they're using a map program from a 3rd party site ( I think it's just the way the program writes the data. QNS.COM / WNYC.COM doesnt control that information. If you have an issue with how the program colors the map I would suggest sending an email to I think the bigger issue is less about how the map is colored and more about the response is from that neighborhood. However, I digress. We should be focusing less on party affiliation and colors on a map and more on acceptance of everyone good or bad.

You should fix this map! If you are going to leave cemeteries unshaded (Mount Zion), then un-shade them all (All faiths & St. Johns)! Unless you are trying to subtly insinuate something here... which is how it comes across.

Typical A-HOLE comment from our A-HOLE mayor. A whiny B*tch just like the A-HOLE president he criticizes.

How about let them pay for the clean up then jail timr

A major inconvenience but the trade offs will be huge for all M train riders once the reconstruction is finish in April.

So they decide to kick out Bob Turner, the only 'name' entity in this pathetic organization. I guess it's more important to fight each other to control a virtually powerless organization than to continue with an actual leader. Dumb move.

Elizabeth Crowley has been endorsed by almost every big money union in the City. She's proud of this. But we all know what this means. They don't give money and endorsements for free. There's going be payback. If she's re-elected, she's going to be a lame duck council woman. She would not have to worry about another election. Don't expect her to be working too hard for us.

How about allocating money for the Calamus Av sewer project. They completely ruined the area. The water is questionable, as they used cancer causing hoses instead of drinking water hoses. The street is like a war zone. You did nothing but lip service, and walked away. Shame on y ou.

It must be done to attract more riders for using the M train in the not too distant future once the L train shuts down in 2019.

Select Bus Service = Select BS

We will still vote for you Mr Holden. You are clearly the better candidate. You are not be-"holden" to the big Democratic machine. You fought for the little guy, all your life. Your community looks up to you, and respect your long resume of selfless good work. Hopefully you are able to get your message across to all the voters in district 30. Once they know, they it's a no-brainer.

Crowley is trying to fool you with stats...She says only 13% of the Rikers prisoners wind up going to upstate prisons. At first I thought that number was really low, either the judges are letting them all go, or her numbers were off. But likely, most prisoners are released for 'time served' because our courts are so backlogged. My friend was attacked by a homeless person, and his court appointed lawyer dragged the case out for 1.5 years. He had to go to court 8 times, before the prep was released for time served. What's sad is Crowley is trying to say 87% of the prisoners in Rikers do not belong there... We are not don't try to fool us.

I do not understand how Crowley could criticize Holden for not taking a long time to get the community down zoned, when he was just a volunteer and not in any political office. He was at the mercy of the elected officials.

I guess it's a "glass half empty, glass half full" approach by the dysfunctional MTA all over again. What other choice these clowns will ever have, especially with the L train shutdown looming?

They all have their phones out... can't the cops triangulate who was using their phones in that area at that time??

Completely disagree with "GlendaleGuy" they have taken a wasted, overgrown, triangle that was unusable as anything but a crosswalk and turned it into a usable community space and made the Veteran's Memorial more accessible. That is a GREAT use of our tax dollars.

What an amazing waste of resources. What else is new with this city...

A major inconvenience for all M train riders along the myrtle Avenue Line in the next ten months to replace the older portions of the line: However, the long term tradeoffs will be huge when there will be more M train riders and M train service once the L train shutdown comes into fruition.

Repair operations take place during the day. Classification -- with noise over 100 decibels in some homes -- takes place at night.

They didn't discuss the relationship between the robbers and the victims

Taxpayers funded the current repair shop through the Fourth Amendment to the Transfer Agreement.

It may not be not as simple as, "NYAR is providing a community benefit." The question has to be asked, "What's NYAR getting out of it, and at whose cost?" 1. Is the community going to pay in some way we can't yet foresee? How will NYAR's track use and operations at Fresh Pond Yard change once this repair facility moves? Is this change really going to yield net community benefits -- less noise? Remember when NYAR announced a public benefit -- less noise and emissions for Middle Village residents? NYAR said they were moving brake testing and pickup out of Middle Village. However, within two weeks the pick up operation was right back in Middle Village because NYAR took the opportunity to increase the length of the trains. In 2016 CUNY scientists measured 100+ decibel levels from NYAR's night time classification operations INSIDE homes. Vibrations from these operations cause cracks in residents' properties. Moving repair operations won't fix poor training, supervision, car handling, and employees rushing through tasks without employing best practices that cause such excessive noise and vibration. 2. Are workers going to pay? Is NYA going to use regular employees or "contractors" at the new facility? Contractors = less personnel expense and other ways to plump up profits and cut corners. If we understand this correctly, this location is several miles from Fresh Pond via the Bay Ridge. It takes about 30 minutes to drive there from Glendale, and access is via a gate, then driving down a ramp. There are no facilities there. There's no water except drainage accumulation in the tunnels. Is NYAR going to build something with running water, heat and a bathroom? If not, this will put workers into a primitive work environment. Unless we are missing something, in the winter exiting and entering could be dangerous because they will have to lock and unlock the gate every time they enter or leave. This involves getting out of the vehicle. Do the tunnels there still have homeless people and are they drug shooting galleries? 3. Will taxpayers pay? Who's paying for the new facility? Is NYAR promoting the idea that there is a community benefit in order to justify taxpayers footing their bill again? Taxpayers funded the current repair shop with $500,000 of public funding, as contracted in the Fourth Amendment to the Transfer Agreement. See below. NYAR was in charge of the repair shop project. It was supposed to be 100% publicly funded, but we understand that NYAR had to reach in their own pockets because the contractor they picked took the money and didn't complete the job. What's the public benefit of repeatedly building new facilities for a private company at public expense?

Sad but comical @ the same time.

There will be plenty of winners and plenty of losers on the public transportation front in the borough of Queens, that's for sure, especially for this year.

A reactivated Rockaway Beach line would be expected to enable 500,000 new weekday daily rides for Woodhaven, Rego Park, Richmond hill and Howard Beach along a corridor woefully underserved by public transportation, and (to address 'high line' fantasies) over provisioned by existing parks. Though it's ridiculous to have to spell this out for those framing 'Queensway' as a means of improving park access, Forest Park access would be dramatically improve were there, you know, train stations on either side of it. This opens up more of queens - even Rockaway - to participating in the 30- and 60-minute midtown commute bubble. Tell your friends - quicker commute means better housing and living conditions for everyone. Queens is crying out for more transit, and this puts a new transit corridor exactly where it needs to be at a fraction of the price because the ROW is completely intact (minus a few bits leased out or unlawfully encroached upon) and it only involves minimal tunneling. If people want to support parks in Queens, they should look no further than the unpolished jewel of the city parks system that is Forest Park. Talk about massive, under-maintained and brimming with potential for attracting visitors. And it wouldn't hurt to have a subway stop in the middle of it to make that happen.

Catch-22: More freight trains on tracks = Less trucks on the road = Better air quality for all = Improved economic activity for all = No more public transportation access.

God Bless the Tolley family

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