Crunching the Queens crime numbers: rapes rising across the borough, grand larceny decreasing in northern Queens

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The number of rapes across Queens increased during the 28-day period from Feb. 9 to Mar. 10, compared to the same period of time last year, according to the latest crime stats released by the NYPD Monday. However, northern Queens has experienced a significant decline in grand larcenies over this same period of time.

Over the course of the 28-day period, reported rapes in northern Queens increased 41.7%, from 12 in 2023 to 17 in 2024. Meanwhile, grand larcenies decreased 10%, from 518 to 466.

Five precincts in northern Queens, the 104th, 110th, 111th, 114th and 115th, experienced a significant increase in rape cases. The 104th Precinct, which covers Ridgewood, Glendale, Maspeth and Middle Village, saw cases double from two last year to four this year over the 28-day period. They also doubled in the 114th Precinct, which covers Astoria, Long Island City, Woodside and Jackson Heights.

The 110th Precinct, which covers Corona and Elmhurst, saw the number of reported rape cases jump over the 28-day period from none last year to two this year. The same change, from zero to two, also occurred within the confines of the 111th Precinct, which covers Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck, Auburndale, Hollis Hills and Fresh Meadows, as well as the confines of the 115th Precinct, which covers Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst and North Corona.

Meanwhile, in terms of grand larcenies, the 112th Precinct, which covers Forest Hills and Rego Park, had the steepest drop in grand larcenies across northern Queens. Reported cases in the precinct fell from 51 in 2023 to 29 in 2024.

In southern Queens the number of rapes also spiked like in the northern section of the borough. The number increased 77.8% during the 28-day period, from nine in 2023 to 16 in 2024. The 103rd Precinct, which covers Hollis Park Gardens, Hollis, Lakewood and Jamaica, had the biggest jump in cases. Reported rapes in the precinct increased from none last year to five this year.

However, in southern Queens the number of grand larcenies over the period was largely unchanged, increasing from 244 incidents over the 28-day period last to 246 this year.

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QNS illustration

The total number of reported major crimes – murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and vehicle thefts – experienced almost no change across the borough during the 28-day period compared to last year. In northern Queens, major crimes have gone down just 0.42%, from 1,182 in 2023 to 1,177 in 2024. Major crimes have increased in southern Queens only 1.21%, from 745 in 2023 to 754 in 2024.