Jackson Heights

The MTA is still not going own timely way of course.

Our own crappy infrastructure these days.

Public safety is always the number one priority on the MTA's minds.

Short-term disruption; Long-term improvements.

One story claimed he touched the boy, and this story claimed he kissed the girl.

Hold the phone, folks. If I understand the law correctly, the parking of commercial vehicles on city streets (including trucks, taxis, etc., especially overnight, is ILLEGAL. Just because it's not regularly enforced, doesn't make it any more permissable.

This is the stupidest comment I have ever read...yeah okay if they did something wrong is deportation the answer to it all... NOOO..guess what this is the U.S where deporting people and stripping people of their rights is not the answer..and about the tax money...OKAYYY wasted food stamps and college tax credits for people who aren't even going to college is also a waste...SOOO might as well deport everyone.. Get educated first and then go ahead and comment!!t .

Wasting tax dollar money. Just strip their citizenship and deport them

When are they gonna spray the Ridgewood areas

#6 The Original Pizza Sam's When I used to live in Jackson Heights I would order from them all the time. It's nice to see that some things never change.

This guy is a bum . Stop voting for him. All he's done is line is pockets.

I wonder how much Peralta skimmed off the top ?

No one falls from the platform down to the street. The man committed suicide. Lucky her didn't land on another person.

Uh, I believe he Jumped, he didn't fall. If you're gonna report, do it right

WFP=Communism. Go make your own money and stop whining about Trump.

I guess that the governor controlled, state run, bureaucratic, corruptive and dysfunctional MTA can't take this public health issue on their own property very seriously. Then again, safety is the number one issue for this public transit agency, but they have other mismanaging ideas there.

They only going to paint it? That means they gonna cover the corrosion that is all over . They should repair and replace the part of the platform that has corrosion and then paint it. This area has a very high volume of train riders . The MTA get a lot of money from them.

A major public health issue all by itself along the IRT Flushing Line in the past couple of decades.

Elmhurst is gentrified as well, you have target, starbucks coming in and the Hong Kong super market on 45th Ave will turn into a food court like new world mall this summer, high rise luxury condos are coming too. Lock in your rent leases or you will be priced out very soon.

Target can open one in available space at Ridgewood theater in queens

All you have to do is cross to the other side of Roosevelt Avenue, then you will be in Jackson Heights. But, you are right, that is Elmhurst.

This is Elmhurst and not Jackson Heights!!!!

\"Why I (We) Deserve the Trip to Cancun\" My boyfriend popped THE question! Strolling along the upper east side, I stopped at a wooden door and remembered that it was the place we had met eight years ago. Then three people walked out - the woman who was responsible for inviting him there, a childhood friend and finally, my 20 year-old son, Thomas. Douglas dropped to his knee and spoke of the joy that me AND my son have brought into his life. He asked me to be his wife. I threw my hands up in the air and after screaming, \"YES!\", the three of us hugged (and cried). Our group made champagne toasts and then he walked me to an Italian Restaurant for a romantic dinner for two. Doug is my perfect match and is a mentor and friend to my son. We want to take a trip with my son to celebrate as a FAMILY. [bpfb_images] 35666_0-98617500-1445985741_12077485_947311558645048_493919996_n90.jpg [/bpfb_images]

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