Jackson Heights

Our president thinks it's okay to grab women by the genitals and to walk into women's dressing rooms while they're undressing, so I'm guessing Trump supporters will mainly be bothered by this because the man isn't rich or white.

the pervert so nice they named him twice

Great to see the old hood. Miss theJackson house diner on 37 ave

It is the bottom of the barrel people who live in that community and the totally useless elected officials like Peralta and others who for decades did NOTHING about this and let it just become so unmanageable. I think people are finally waking up to the destruction of Queens by low-class people, shady & inept elected officials (including the horrible Borough Presidents) and city agencies that have done little, especially DOB when it comes to the huge amount of illegal conversions and all the shady crap construction that has gone on.

In the age of technology, it is essential to do this, in order for the 7 train straphangers to get this during rush hours.

Interesting. I wonder if this Dennys' kitchen will be closed when I walk in like the other Dennys around the U.S.

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\"Why I (We) Deserve the Trip to Cancun\" My boyfriend popped THE question! Strolling along the upper east side, I stopped at a wooden door and remembered that it was the place we had met eight years ago. Then three people walked out - the woman who was responsible for inviting him there, a childhood friend and finally, my 20 year-old son, Thomas. Douglas dropped to his knee and spoke of the joy that me AND my son have brought into his life. He asked me to be his wife. I threw my hands up in the air and after screaming, \"YES!\", the three of us hugged (and cried). Our group made champagne toasts and then he walked me to an Italian Restaurant for a romantic dinner for two. Doug is my perfect match and is a mentor and friend to my son. We want to take a trip with my son to celebrate as a FAMILY.

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