This poor animal died in the custody of animal control. Remember the deer in the Bronx around Christmas, didn't this animal also died within a day in their care. Same like this one...This is not good. What kind of care are they providing. PETA, where are you?

Time to shut down this f**king irresponsible s**ty slaughterhouse. First it has no business being smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica near the shopping district and residents. Second this f**king third world s**t hole place has been so irresponsible. SHUT THIS F**KING HELL HOLE DOWN and get rid of all the a-holes that work there that obviously are responsible. Having a slaughterhouse smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica with stores and resident is unacceptable. Hell, we are not a complete third world country yet. END this barbarism. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

Does this light rail proposal along the lower montauk branch from LIC to Jamaica will spur commercial, economic, residential and retail development along the corridor? You will be the judge of that.

Really, the City is working with Jamaica residents (and the Rockaways) to improve their health, while in the meantime, the poisonous waste transfer facility, Royal Waste, is smack in the downtown Jamaica area, surrounded by hundreds of homes/apartments and across from a public park (Detective Keith Williams Park). NEWSFLASH, remove this poisonous facility away from the downtown area and put it in an industrial area far from homes and people, I mean that would be a BIG way to improve health, considering that Jamaica has the highest rate of asthma in the city (and who knows the cancer rate) caused by such facilities and the diesel fueled waste trucks carrying their poison 24/7. I mean if this fucking city really cared, this would be top priority, but of course they don’t. In the meantime, since you know the city is not going to do crap about this (mainly because it is in a color of community and and a lower economic area), follow these few steps folks: NO FAST FOOD, it is poison. Fruits & Vegetables and NO, potatoe chips don’t count. Exercise. Jamaica Ave has four gyms just between 170th Street and Parsons Blvd. Stop SMOKING CIGARETTES. If you are going to smoke go 420 natural. Stop eating processed food, again, it is POISON. If you don’t, you can use the coupon which is in the article above for St. Michael’s cemetery, which ironically was in placed in this article. How appropriate and how “ironic”. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

Awesome gesture. Poor pooch.

Low turnout = Lack of say from the general public /= More lobbying time for many transit advocates that we dared most.

7 years is not sufficient.

These goes the evening commute to say the least.

To keep up with the increasing ridership demand for the LIRR in the 21st Century, the MTA needs to do this major endeavor.

"However, a recent GJDC survey concluded that Jamaica residents shopped less frequently in their own neighborhood, and spent four times as much money outside of the Jamaica Avenue shopping district." THAT is because Jamaica Avenue is nothing but mostly cheap ghetto crap and looks like a crappy third world flea market. Only the bottom of the barrel shops there for the most part, folks with money to spend looking for QUALITY, go outside the ghetto.

Savage area....

Profile photo of Rob

Profile photo of Rob

How do you decide who the 10 bars are to watch?

During a lot of panic crashes, influenced or not by drugs or alcohol, right foot pedal error plays a major negative role. It is so wide spread that it is called the Right Foot Braking Epidemic. Despite this the guys in charge of driver legislation and training don’t want to have this method of braking scientifically examined and compared to the Left Foot Braking Method. The teaching of right foot braking on automatic cars for student drivers should be banned.

MTA: Giving your way (for money).

No, this is not good news for the community at large. Good news for crooked elected officials who are involved in this and which will put money in their pocket, but face it, since this casino was put here from the get go, the community did not benefit from it at all, it is still ghetto crap and none of the surrounding businesses have benefited nor have the residents. The community never saw big job growth for the residents at all. In a Wall Street article (http://www.wsj.com/articles/resorts-world-casino-plans-400-million-expansion-1467766204), Queens A-hole Borough President of low morals, Melinda Katz hadn’t yet reviewed the project proposal, but a spokeswoman in her office said, “Anything that comes to this property should be to the direct benefit of Queens residents in the form of good jobs and economic growth.” Really, so if it was an illegal auto body shop or a massage "whore house" parlor, that would be good. I mean what the f**k kind of answer is that. The kind of answer that a-hole, clueless, not in touch with the community/residents elected official's give, that is is the kind. As one resident of that area and reader of my blog stated: I definitely think it'll help the Jamaica tourism image that they are trying to create, but it's not going to benefit any of us living in the community or any of the small businesses on Rockaway Blvd. Just the pawn shops and massage parlors will benefit. If any of these hack elected officials think it will be good, then it is NOT. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

HILLSIDE AVENUE GETTING CLEAN-INITIATIVE TO FIGHT THE GARBAGE PROBLEM & RESIDENT IN THAT AREA HAS A TRUTHFUL MESSAGE TO HIS FELLOW IMMIGRANTS Now the title of this news story in the Queens Courier is a little misleading, it it really not Jamaica, since it is covering Briarwood, Kew Garden Hills, Jamaica Hills & Hillside Avenue, which all of that is in Community Board 8 (except the south side of Hillside Ave, which is in Community Board 12 districts of Jamaica). And look at the council memember who meet with Jamaica Hills Partnership & DOS, Councilman Rory Lancman (pretty decent elected official, who actually seems to work). No Councilman I. Daneek Miller (whose area is the south side), no community board 12 members. Also Community Board 8 President Maria Adam-Ovide is not only hard working, knows the laws well, is extremely knowledgeable and when I have brought a problem to her attention in her area of Hillside (north-side), she responded quickly, contacted the appropriate people with whatever agency it was, took action immediately and resolved the issue in a quick matter of time. For instance, when I told her about the overflowing public garbage can at 169 St/Homelawn, which also had piles of garbage on the corner, she contacted me quickly and in a matter of time, it was not only cleaned-up, but a different time of garbage can was placed and DOS will be monitoring that area. When I report the many issues in Jamaica to Community 12 and elected officials, NOTHING (except Senator Tony Avella with his area). With the exception of a few times Councilman Miller’s office reached out to me, for the most part none of the elected officials nor Community Board 12 do no contact me nor do they address the problem, let alone in a quick manner. Hence the same issues in Jamaica at the same spots, illegal garbage dumping, junked/unlicensed cars illegally parked by auto body shops on streets and sidewalks, illegal overnight tractor trailer trucks parked on city streets, illegal truck driving of residential streets to name a few. The difference between public servants who care and get things done and out of themselves elected officials like the Jamaica crew, who don’t seem to care and get S**T DONE. AND FINALLY someone from the community, Mohammed Shabul Uddin called out his fellow immigrants, who cause this garbage issue, on their shit in the article: Mohammed Shabul Uddin has been living in the Hillside community for 25 years. His home is a block away from where the announcement took place. “I see so much garbage on every corner,” Shabul said. “When you walk on the street, trash gets stuck on your shoe. When I go home there’s this smell.” He believes that the garbage problem doesn’t solely fall on the Department of Sanitation. “Our community is a new immigrant community and it’s our job to make sure it’s not a mess.” BRAVO to you Mohammed for speaking the truth and telling it like it is. This is always the elephant in the living room syndrome, especially with elected officials.

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