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They had a science lab that was brand new from what I remember back in 2004-2005. Did they get another science lab, is this an expansion of the original one? This is not a great accomplishment if the school had a science lab they chose not to use for student purposes. They should've have used the money to build a proper computer science lab if anything.

To play devil's advocate: The Trump administration will take away Federal New Starts funding, in which the Woodhaven Boulevard SBS route will be depending on. Without it, then this main project, which focused on redesigning the entire boulevard, will be scrapped and it will be nothing but the overall implementation and operation of these routes, just like the cost-effective SBS routes all across NYC.

Mayor DeBlasio is a liar and a dictator. He is lying to the People about Vision Zero SBS and is forcing his extremist leftist views against the will of the people. One Term Bill must go. Vision Zero is choking our city in gridlock, pollution and unfair tickets and he is dividing the people. Our family and friends who are forced to drive are being demonized. Zero Vision will fail just like our Demmie, Commie Mayor! Join the Queens Public Transit Committee and stop Mayor Chaos at 718-679-5309 or www.qptc.org. Zero Vision overconfidence is killing our family and friends who travel across our streets. Stop the madness. Stop Mayor Disaster.

This poor animal died in the custody of animal control. Remember the deer in the Bronx around Christmas, didn't this animal also died within a day in their care. Same like this one...This is not good. What kind of care are they providing. PETA, where are you?

Time to shut down this f**king irresponsible s**ty slaughterhouse. First it has no business being smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica near the shopping district and residents. Second this f**king third world s**t hole place has been so irresponsible. SHUT THIS F**KING HELL HOLE DOWN and get rid of all the a-holes that work there that obviously are responsible. Having a slaughterhouse smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica with stores and resident is unacceptable. Hell, we are not a complete third world country yet. END this barbarism. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

Does this light rail proposal along the lower montauk branch from LIC to Jamaica will spur commercial, economic, residential and retail development along the corridor? You will be the judge of that.

Really, the City is working with Jamaica residents (and the Rockaways) to improve their health, while in the meantime, the poisonous waste transfer facility, Royal Waste, is smack in the downtown Jamaica area, surrounded by hundreds of homes/apartments and across from a public park (Detective Keith Williams Park). NEWSFLASH, remove this poisonous facility away from the downtown area and put it in an industrial area far from homes and people, I mean that would be a BIG way to improve health, considering that Jamaica has the highest rate of asthma in the city (and who knows the cancer rate) caused by such facilities and the diesel fueled waste trucks carrying their poison 24/7. I mean if this fucking city really cared, this would be top priority, but of course they don’t. In the meantime, since you know the city is not going to do crap about this (mainly because it is in a color of community and and a lower economic area), follow these few steps folks: NO FAST FOOD, it is poison. Fruits & Vegetables and NO, potatoe chips don’t count. Exercise. Jamaica Ave has four gyms just between 170th Street and Parsons Blvd. Stop SMOKING CIGARETTES. If you are going to smoke go 420 natural. Stop eating processed food, again, it is POISON. If you don’t, you can use the coupon which is in the article above for St. Michael’s cemetery, which ironically was in placed in this article. How appropriate and how “ironic”. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

Awesome gesture. Poor pooch.

Low turnout = Lack of say from the general public /= More lobbying time for many transit advocates that we dared most.

7 years is not sufficient.

These goes the evening commute to say the least.

To keep up with the increasing ridership demand for the LIRR in the 21st Century, the MTA needs to do this major endeavor.

"However, a recent GJDC survey concluded that Jamaica residents shopped less frequently in their own neighborhood, and spent four times as much money outside of the Jamaica Avenue shopping district." THAT is because Jamaica Avenue is nothing but mostly cheap ghetto crap and looks like a crappy third world flea market. Only the bottom of the barrel shops there for the most part, folks with money to spend looking for QUALITY, go outside the ghetto.

Savage area....

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