World’s largest Peace Torch relay set to occur in Jamaica Apr. 11

peace torch
Photo by peacerun

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, is set to arrive in Jamaica next week. Hailed as the largest peace torch relay in history, the event will mark the commencement of its extensive four-month journey across North America.

The Peace Run involves participants from various countries passing a flaming torch hand-to-hand, traversing cities and states as a traveling symbol of harmony, goodwill and human connection.

The torch will be lit in Jamaica, igniting the start of the North American relay at Archie Spigner Park, situated at Merrick Boulevard and Sayres Avenue.

On Apr. 11, the community is invited to be a part of the opening ceremonies and a day filled with poetry, music, dance performances and an awards ceremony.

A diverse team representing 15 nations will carry the Peace Torch along a two-mile route concluding at Archie Spigner Park. The public is encouraged to join this moving symbol of peace, assembling at 2:30 p.m. at the corner of 85th Avenue and 164th Street.

Photo by peacerun

Throughout their stay, the international team will visit local schools to share their message of peace, culminating in participation in Earth Day activities at the Roy Wilkins Recreation Center. Their mission is to inspire and engage with over 50,000 young minds across the United States and Canada during the run.

Leaving the borough in mid-April, the relay will embark on a 10,000-mile odyssey across the nation and into three Canadian provinces. The relay is anticipated to make its full circle back to New York by mid-August.

Parallel to the North American efforts, the Peace Run torch was recently kindled by Pope Francis, initiating the European leg of the run, which is weaving through 27 countries.

Since its inaugural journey in 1989, the Peace Run has seen participation from over 7 million individuals from 160 nations, championing a message of peace and fellowship. The event celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, a testament to the enduring legacy of its founder, Sri Chinmoy. The Indian spiritual leader, peace advocate and athlete dedicated his life to the cause of world peace, providing peace talks and programming at the United Nations until his passing in 2007. World leaders, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, have praised Chinmoy’s work as a peace advocate.

On Apr. 27, 1987, the very first Peace Torch was lit in New York City by Sri Chinmoy, inaugurating what would become a biennial global relay. This ceremonial passing of the torch from one person to another symbolizes the transmission of peace across the continents, a flame that transcends borders and unites communities in a shared aspiration for a harmonious world.

Photo via Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run