Catch-22: More freight trains on tracks = Less trucks on the road = Better air quality for all = Improved economic activity for all = No more public transportation access.

Yet we still get crappy bus, subway and train service with our deteriorating infrastructure in NYC, without any kind of reliable sources of funding soon.

Not be surprised that the TWU Local 100 will be screaming mad about this.

The attorney general apparently does not realize that EPA has established "special accounts" for the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek superfund sites among others where money collected from responsible parties is deposited for the cleanup. these special accounts are seperate from the superfund trust fund and are not subject to the vagaries of the superfund appropriation process. However, for sites without special accounts, the proposed cutbacks could slow down progress.

OK go tn my face book all the picture are there then tell me that it is OK

Yes the issue is the sidewalk ,but the city said they are going to maintain they bioswales.have never clean it yet ,the water backs up because the water dose not go into the waterpit. there;s dirt were the water it to go through to the water waste ,can not because it is filled up with dirt . we all same to be cleaning it no right ..I had enough. another thing when you side walk needs repair how pays for it not the city lol

On the Q47 issue, since the terminals the Q47 is heading to are an airport and a shopping center, it does make sense to make it more reliable.

so stupid don't they realize the banks have cameras?

I can almost promise you that this is not being done by responsible Maspeth adults that represent the spirit of the people of our Queens area. This is being done by media watching, misguided, attention hungry idiots with too much time on their hands and a lack of any real social education. This is being done by someone or a group of people who wants to bring the wrong type of attention to our neighborhood so they can then point fingers and say, "see, I told you so." I can almost guarantee this is not being done by people who responsibly exercised their right and their duty to vote and actually went and voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or whomever else they supported. I can bet my house that this is not being done by people who get involved in making their community better through any type of community organization. This is being done by people who get off on seeing their actions in the news, and the media is giving them exactly what they want. Let's focus more on the many volunteers from community organizations like the Glendale Kiwanis Club, other members of the numerous Kiwanis Queens West Division clubs, local NYPD precincts, local FDNY fire houses, the local property owner associations, the members of GCOP, local Boy Scout troops, the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, local church groups, the civic associations, volunteers and even some of our local politicians, all who come together to give of their time and organize clean-up efforts to deal with this type of garbage before it becomes news. You see, the moment it becomes news it gives the rest of the attention hungry copy cats a reason to jump on the band wagon and start spreading this type of hateful message. I can almost guarantee that the people who are putting these things up in our Queens neighborhoods didn't just skip voting, but also belong to no real group that truly represents the individuals that make up Queens. So here's my suggestion on how to deal with these idiots. Please reach out to our community groups and do a HUGE feature on the things we do to bring the community together. Let's stop giving this much importance to the few incidents of random graffiti that are purposely put up to divide us. The people of Glendale, Ridgewood, Maspeth, Middle Village, Rego Park, Forest Hills, Woodhaven, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hills and all the other Queens neighborhoods I frequent on a regular basis do not support this type of hate, nor is this a representation of the philosophy of the residents of these neighborhoods. As Realtors selling Queens real estate, we become a part of the neighborhoods and the people we service. Most neighborhoods are comprised of good people who are inclusive, tolerant, patriotic and community minded. This vandalism is the work of people who are outsiders in their way of thinking and should not be given the time of day by anyone who does not want to see any more separation of the great and diverse people of New York. I love New York City's boroughs. I love the diversity of the people that make up my great city. The hate mongers will continue to try to divide us. It is up to us to put emphasis on all the things that bring us together.

Pedro, Actually the New York & Atlantic Railway has a much worse accident record than other railroads in its class. Newsday recently reported that since 2007 NYAR had 43 accidents/incidents compared to an average of 15 accidents/incidents for railroads in its class. Its accident/incident record is much worse than LIRR's own safety record. The Federal Railroad Administration's safety investigation of NYAR discovered that NYAR's practice was operating freight trains with unqualified crew. NYAR is a closely held private company. NYAR owns almost nothing -- a couple of Maintenance of Way trucks, their office equipment, one locomotive. NYAR wouldn't exist without their use of a public railroad and public subsidies. Public subsidies NYAR receives include new locomotives purchased with state funding, and millions in new infrastructure that is only used by NYAR. NYAR abused the public trust, broke federal law, cut corners, put public safety at risk to make more money for their two owners. NYAR's owners hide behind their money and connections and pay a lobbyist to talk to the press. You look at the repair NYAR made at Metropolitan Ave. and it's a cheap asphalt repair. For years NYAR didn't even do regular maintenance, damaging vehicles that had to use their crossings -- until the FRA had NYAR under the microscope and the railroad was concerned about renewing the Transfer Agreement. MTA and LIRR need to find another operator or operate their own freight railroad, as they did in the past.

Like any other commuter rail or freight operator across the northeast, I am not generally surprised there.

Sounds like the issue is not the bioswale but the sidewalk. There's been a lot of talk of allowing homeowners to opt out of trees and bioswales, but that's a terrible idea. How could any municipality ever get any project done on public property if people whose property abuts that land could stop it? The real issue is that the city owns the curbside land and trees, fines you if you prune the tree or plant something unauthorized, and in every way except one claims ownership of that land and those trees. The exception is that they refuse responsibility for damage created by their trees. So let's fight the right battle: trees and bioswales are good for all of us, and we must allow public works projects to go forward. But the city can't claim all the rights but deny the responsibility.

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