Elizabeth Crowley has been endorsed by almost every big money union in the City. She's proud of this. But we all know what this means. They don't give money and endorsements for free. There's going be payback. If she's re-elected, she's going to be a lame duck council woman. She would not have to worry about another election. Don't expect her to be working too hard for us.

It must be done to attract more riders for using the M train in the not too distant future once the L train shuts down in 2019.

We will still vote for you Mr Holden. You are clearly the better candidate. You are not be-"holden" to the big Democratic machine. You fought for the little guy, all your life. Your community looks up to you, and respect your long resume of selfless good work. Hopefully you are able to get your message across to all the voters in district 30. Once they know, they it's a no-brainer.

Crowley is trying to fool you with stats...She says only 13% of the Rikers prisoners wind up going to upstate prisons. At first I thought that number was really low, either the judges are letting them all go, or her numbers were off. But likely, most prisoners are released for 'time served' because our courts are so backlogged. My friend was attacked by a homeless person, and his court appointed lawyer dragged the case out for 1.5 years. He had to go to court 8 times, before the prep was released for time served. What's sad is Crowley is trying to say 87% of the prisoners in Rikers do not belong there... We are not dumb...so don't try to fool us.

So they have all these photo mugshots and tjat meant these teens had records? Why did they get released again?

I do not understand how Crowley could criticize Holden for not taking a long time to get the community down zoned, when he was just a volunteer and not in any political office. He was at the mercy of the elected officials.

One building recently sold for 3.5 mil and it was not renovated

This comment is very upsetting. You did not do any research on me, or my reasons behind this. I am Anthony Arroyo from the article; and I can assure you this is not a scam. Just a guy with a high respect, and Love for Ridgewood Theater! Thank you.

I guess it's a "glass half empty, glass half full" approach by the dysfunctional MTA all over again. What other choice these clowns will ever have, especially with the L train shutdown looming?

Of course that the dysfunctional MTA will go full speed ahead with major construction work every summer, as well as the impending L train shutdown looming.

It's a scam. People gofundme RKO Keith theater in flushing also, but the money dissapeared.

Hold the phone, folks. If I understand the law correctly, the parking of commercial vehicles on city streets (including trucks, taxis, etc., especially overnight, is ILLEGAL. Just because it's not regularly enforced, doesn't make it any more permissable.

A bad inconvenience (M train shutdown) before a badder inconvenience (L train shutdown) in the not too distant future.

A big inconvenience, leading it up to a much bigger inconvenience when the L shuts down into Manhattan.

Really??? Investigation??? Ummm pretty sure they can't take care of this child!!!

Conduct investigation? The evidence is sufficient to take that child away from them. They are not capable of raising children

He looks hispanic

I think you mean walking distance to PS71 or possibly IS93

I've seen higher price sold building.

You want more affordable housing but atvthe same time downzoning?. Great stupid idea

A real life scene that comes from a hollywood Movie: Like the backwards version of "Speed" (1994) and "16 Blocks" (2006). Meanwhile, all of these MTA bus riders needs to be throughly trained.

A major inconvenience for all M train riders along the myrtle Avenue Line in the next ten months to replace the older portions of the line: However, the long term tradeoffs will be huge when there will be more M train riders and M train service once the L train shutdown comes into fruition.

They didn't discuss the relationship between the robbers and the victims

Do you know if they need volunteers or donations?

Sad but comical @ the same time.

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