He looks hispanic

I think you mean walking distance to PS71 or possibly IS93

I've seen higher price sold building.

You want more affordable housing but atvthe same time downzoning?. Great stupid idea

A real life scene that comes from a hollywood Movie: Like the backwards version of "Speed" (1994) and "16 Blocks" (2006). Meanwhile, all of these MTA bus riders needs to be throughly trained.

A major inconvenience for all M train riders along the myrtle Avenue Line in the next ten months to replace the older portions of the line: However, the long term tradeoffs will be huge when there will be more M train riders and M train service once the L train shutdown comes into fruition.

They didn't discuss the relationship between the robbers and the victims

Do you know if they need volunteers or donations?

Sad but comical @ the same time.

Will track replacement reduce the train screeching noise and rumbling

The Calm before the Storm before the Perfect Storm in the not too distant future, in the public transportation sense.

Ridgewood tenant group can join to have a drink and chill out

At least publish his picture so everyone can see who he really is

During this time I think the MTA should also revise the Q58 and Q55 routes to stop outside of the Ridgewood Terminal that is along Myrtle Avenue at Palmetto Street (instead of inside of the Ridgewood Terminal) and then extend both of those routes further west to Myrtle Avenue /Broadway ( via stopping only at the closed subway stations along Myrtle Avenue) with a last westbound stop along Myrtle Avenue at Broadway. These two routes could then turn around by making a right turn at Lewis Avenue, another right turn at Stockton Street and another right turn at Broadway and travel along Broadway to Myrtle Avenue which could be the first new stop of the Q55 and Q58 eastbound trip along Broadway at Myrtle Avenue. The eastbound Q55 & Q58 could then make a left turn on to Myrtle Avenue back on there eastbound trip toward Ridgewood.

Catch-22: More freight trains on tracks = Less trucks on the road = Better air quality for all = Improved economic activity for all = No more public transportation access.

I guess that the MTA played a critical role in rising rent prices after all, such as Chicago.

I hope that the MTA will need more shuttle buses to meet the increasing ridership along the BMT Myrtle Avenue Line.

People can wait for Q58 from Forest Ave to Myrtle/Wyckoff. Else, they need to arrange a faster route and more frequent bus service

This is crazy. Politicians don't know the effect of downsizing. Look at West Village, the price have gone up so much because of demand outpace supply. 5 story building is not a highrise idiots. They want people to build up to 4th floor and there is no parking requirement for it. Ridgewood already needs more parking space for customers to come and shop unless you build the city for local people. The city won't grow. What a stupid idea Cathy Nolan. May be we can petition to get her off the position.

God Bless the Tolley family

I will still not be surprised that there are also thousands of homeless folks will be still living it down the MTA subway system also.

Happy Birthday to Kelli Giddish. Congratulations and Best Wishes. I hope that SVU is renewed soon. Make sure Ludo gives you a big hug and kiss.

Even with camera and picture, they couldn't find the guy because he is hiding

They need to recover all the stuffs that he has stolen. Where is his picture?

I am fighting against affordable housing if they don't fix the crisis. First , there are people who don't need it but they end up getting it because of the insider. Second, once you get in, they don't do any income verification yearly in order to keep the waiting list moving. Third, people will pass the apartment from one generation to another and people will wait longer. Four, in order for builders to reserve affordable housing, they need to raise the rest of rental units in order to justtify the cost. As a result, the rent in the neighborhood will rise nk matter what. Fifth, city will lose tax revenue for the duration of tax relief to builders in order to build these affordable units. They won't see the tax revenue coming until the end of tax abatement. Last, you can never build enough of affordable to serve the growing populations considering more people are moving in. And then there are suckers out there who enjoy free money and low income apartments, so they will end up not reporting the incomes in order to be qualified for it. More people will depend on it eventually. Who wants to work when the government can take care everything from health care to free housing.

The attorney general apparently does not realize that EPA has established "special accounts" for the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek superfund sites among others where money collected from responsible parties is deposited for the cleanup. these special accounts are seperate from the superfund trust fund and are not subject to the vagaries of the superfund appropriation process. However, for sites without special accounts, the proposed cutbacks could slow down progress.

We don't need affordable housing. We need parking. There are no parking in Ridgewood.

Our own personal safety is priceless after everything else, when it comes with dealing with natural disasters.

Join us at 8pm this Saturday Night, April 23rd at Bridies Bar & Grill for an evening of spreading awareness and laughs. Cost is free but a donation of $10 would be appreciated. For more info please call 718-440-9863 [bpfb_images] 54805_0-68549300-1461274928_birdies.jpg [/bpfb_images]

Join Play4Autism and the staff at Shake Shack for a fun-filled hour of Arts & Crafts with a side of breakfast this Sunday, March 13th from 9 to 10am at the Queens Center Mall. This is a free event for all Kidz into Action members. Call 718-440-9863 to reserve your spot(s) today! [bpfb_images] 54805_0-99871000-1457715286_arts-_-crafts-flyer-2.jpg [/bpfb_images]

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