The attorney general apparently does not realize that EPA has established "special accounts" for the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek superfund sites among others where money collected from responsible parties is deposited for the cleanup. these special accounts are seperate from the superfund trust fund and are not subject to the vagaries of the superfund appropriation process. However, for sites without special accounts, the proposed cutbacks could slow down progress.

We don't need affordable housing. We need parking. There are no parking in Ridgewood.

Our own personal safety is priceless after everything else, when it comes with dealing with natural disasters.

Very Cool! I used to live in Sunnyside and hated every time they were filming in the neighborhood because they would take all the spots but living in Middle Village changes everything.

I understand that Ridgewood is in the later stages of gentrification and this is largely a moot point. But who is this "community" who is supporting a space that doesn't sound to me like it will be very community oriented at all. Will there be programming for kids? ESL classes? What about space to have legal clinics for residents being pushed out? I mean, use your kickstarter to do whatever you want, but don't frame this as a community thing, please.

A major weekend inconvenience for M train riders along the BMT Myrtle Avenue Line, right before a major daily inconvenience for these same riders because it needs it be done.

So they don't know what it is. However they are being charged with a controlled substance. Hmmmmm

These workshops are the once in the while opportunity for the general public to be once in a while transportation planners.

It's good that they build parking garage or else more cars will be circling looking for a spot

They should build more high rise buildings along Myrtle ave or wyckoff Ave if they are approved to have some affordable housing

I hope that the DOT will finish this by this Summer, given the lack of accountability and transparency towards the general public.

How could you mistake that for anti-Semitic? There's nothing anti-Semitic about it. It's clearly some graffitier's meme. It's popping up all over the city. Who could mistake this smiley face, on the side of the Verizon building on Second Avenue in Manhattan, for evil?

Officer Campos that's a beautiful thing you did. Danny Ruscillo Former President 100th Precinct Community Council

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People forget that neighborhoods change. Ridgewood was used to be A German town. It's now mixed with Italian, Polish and Hispanic coutries. Nothing will stay the same. The Cornelia building could have been bought by all tenants but they are too cheap to come up with more money to buy it. They can still save that money to buy other building. It doesn't have to be on Cornelia St

Such governmental bureaucracy between the DOT and the unionized contractors and subcontractors, in which these projects will be late and over budget and us NYC taxpayer will pick up the tab. This could be a major domino effect on how does it impact gridlock ad shuttle bus service when the M train service along the BMT Myrtle Avenue Line will be shutting down for major repairs next summer. I hope that there will be a major cooperation between the MTA, the DOT, the businesses and the General Public. However, right now, we went nowhere.

Pedro, Actually the New York & Atlantic Railway has a much worse accident record than other railroads in its class. Newsday recently reported that since 2007 NYAR had 43 accidents/incidents compared to an average of 15 accidents/incidents for railroads in its class. Its accident/incident record is much worse than LIRR's own safety record. The Federal Railroad Administration's safety investigation of NYAR discovered that NYAR's practice was operating freight trains with unqualified crew. NYAR is a closely held private company. NYAR owns almost nothing -- a couple of Maintenance of Way trucks, their office equipment, one locomotive. NYAR wouldn't exist without their use of a public railroad and public subsidies. Public subsidies NYAR receives include new locomotives purchased with state funding, and millions in new infrastructure that is only used by NYAR. NYAR abused the public trust, broke federal law, cut corners, put public safety at risk to make more money for their two owners. NYAR's owners hide behind their money and connections and pay a lobbyist to talk to the press. You look at the repair NYAR made at Metropolitan Ave. and it's a cheap asphalt repair. For years NYAR didn't even do regular maintenance, damaging vehicles that had to use their crossings -- until the FRA had NYAR under the microscope and the railroad was concerned about renewing the Transfer Agreement. MTA and LIRR need to find another operator or operate their own freight railroad, as they did in the past.

Like any other commuter rail or freight operator across the northeast, I am not generally surprised there.

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