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Photo by Joanna N. Adduci
Photo by Joanna N. Adduci
Romeo's Pizza and Pasta serves up delicious Italian classics.

Romeo’s Pizza and Pasta is the essence of traditional Italian cuisine, complemented by an authentic atmosphere and friendly waitstaff.

Owner Jerry Salerno has been in the business for over 28 years and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. “I come from three generations of chefs,” he said. Hailing from

Avellino, Italy, Salerno focuses on the simple aspects of dining – good food and incorporating family into his flourishing neighborly haven. Son Donny helps his dad out and aspires to become a significant component of the business within the next few years.

The menu at Romeo’s is broken down into several categories, first and foremost pizza and “Romeo’s Specialties.” Pizza comes in more than six variations, and Sicilian offers toppings from mushroom to anchovy. The plain slice combines a thin crust with a tasty sauce, complete with an assortment of spices. The Sicilian slice reminds me of my grandfather’s homemade pizza – sweet sauce, thick, crust and a sprinkling of cheese on top. Customers rave about the hot dog roll, stuffed pizza and generous heroes.

Before leaving Romeo’s of Ozone Park, make sure to try the fresh pasta. I ordered the classic spaghetti and was not disappointed with the sweet tomato sauce and ample grated cheese. Romeo’s also offers fresh pasta specialties from your classic linguini and clam sauce to gnocchi Sorrentino.

The highlight of my dining experience was the boneless pork with hot peppers and potatoes. Two pork chops were covered in hot peppers, roasted potatoes and a delicious, savory sauce — definitely worth the wait! Upon first bite, my taste buds were overwhelmed with the moist pork, hot peppers and tangy reduction covering the plate in its entirety. The potatoes were cooked to perfection and doused in the light sauce sprinkled with parsley. This pizzeria surpassed my expectations with this dish – a unique, inventive chef special that combined aspects of traditional Italian cuisine with a heartiness.

Veal specials make up a significant portion of the menu, offering a surplus of Italian classics such as veal Milanese, pizzaiola, pamigiana and piccata. Poultry follows the same outline, and seafood specials include seafood de madre, shrimp parmigiana and baked shrimp oreganata.

Next time you’re in Ozone Park with friends or simply crave some authentic Italian food, head over to Romeo’s Pizza and Pasta on Liberty Avenue. Owner Jerry Salerno combines a simple venue with a sincere passion for food, which is blatantly clear, thanks to the established customer base and local neighborhood buzz surrounding his cozy establishment.


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