The Times-Ledger Newspapers are a fast-growing chain of 13 paid circulation community newspapers published weekly in Queens.

The chain began in 1989 with the Times-Ledger Newspapers The Bayside Times and The Little Neck Ledger, community newspapers that opened in 1918 and 1935 respectively. Since then the papers have grown quickly.

With a seperate newspaper for each community, The Times-Ledger Newspapers provide the most comprehensive coverage of each area in the borough. The newspapers' thoroughness is matched by a level of quality that has earned more than 100 state and national awards in the past two years.

A seperate newspaper for each community has also allowed advertisers to target their advertising, making it the most cost-effective way to advertise in Queens.

The Times-Ledger Newspapers has now further extended its reach with Timesledger.com on the World Wide Web.

Timesledger.com will essentially be the equivalent of an electronic home-town newspaper. But at the same time it will offer other reader and community services, as well as additional advertising opportunities.

Timesledger.com intends to become the number one source of information about Queens in the borough and your gateway to the internet.

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