Photo Courtesy of Councilmember Dan Halloran
A graffiti-scarred construction fence is expected to be taken down within a week.

A graffiti-splattered construction fence in Whitestone will soon plague homeowners no more.

According to Councilmember Dan Halloran, the eyesore at 24-19 Francis Lewis Boulevard that infested the neighborhood for years will be replaced with a six-foot chain-link fence within a week. The councilmember said he struck a deal with Robin Singh, the new property owner, and he said he has also gained approval from the Department of Buildings (DOB).

“One of the problems is that this lot has changed hands several times recently,” Halloran said. “The new owner is anxious to be a good neighbor, and we are pleased to work with him on behalf of the community.”

The new fence will be higher by two feet and will no longer be slatted, Halloran said, which he hopes will deter graffiti vandalism, dumping and trespassing.

“[Singh and I] both had the same idea of sowing wildflower seeds on the property in the hope that after all these years, our neighbors deserve some beauty, instead of a ghastly eyesore,” Halloran said.

The once-abandoned property sat idle for over a decade after former property owners failed to pay taxes, the councilmember said. Local leaders said the plot had become a dumping ground for garbage and out-of-service construction equipment over the years.


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