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A local lawmaker is looking to give parents peace of mind after a threat was made to a Glendale school over the weekend.

A student from P.S./I.S. 113 reportedly threatened to bring a gun to the school the next day on Snapchat. Following many posts of concern on social media, Councilman Robert Holden spoke out online to address the public’s concerns.

“Over the weekend, police received reports that a verbal threat was made by a student at P.S./I.S. 113 that was deemed to be not credible. I was up all night coordinating with the 104th Precinct and District 24 superintendent to ensure that the necessary precautions were being taken,” said Councilman Holden on his Facebook page. “We take any and all threats to our schools, students and faculty extremely seriously.”

The two students were issued juvenile reports by police.

QNS has reached out to the DOE for comment. Anyone with concerns about the incident can call Councilman Holden’s office at 718-366-3900.


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