Short-term disruption; Long-term improvements.

Loss of parking spaces, loss of revenue for small businesses, increased gridlock, more double parking, more safety problems: It's inevitable.

Quaker Meeting House in Flushing is older than both of them.

Nothing good comes out of hanging @ strip club till 5am.

I wonder how much Peralta skimmed off the top ?

Do you know where I can talk with the person managing this renovation. I want to talk to him about building a fitness area that involves pullups and dips

hope they will be caught soon.

This is clearly gang related, as a gang charge was mentioned. Also mentioned was that numerous others were sought in this crime. Please update us on the gangs in question and where they are active. I just noticed gang tags on 88th and Roosevelt wall yesterday. If you make a triangle from murder site to other 90th stabbing to 88, my son's school is right in the middle. Does 110 Precinct have a task force? How many gang related crimes this year?

Select BS is going to create more gridlock for everyone including bus riders. Stealing traffic lanes, left turns, bus stops, speed limits, parking and putting bus riders on snowy medians is a recipe for disaster. It's time to get rid of Mayor Zero Vision and Select BS. Who ever our new Mayor is better reopen our roadways, railways, waterways and bring back our bus stops and speed limits. Queens needs faster and safer transportation not lies, gridlock and tickets. Say goodbye Mayor Chaos. Support the Queens Public Transit Committee at 718-679-5309 or www.qptc.org or PhilAMcManus@gmail.com

2017: The year that will be determine which project(s) will be the winner(s) and which one(s) will be the loser(s): Either the Queensrail, the Queensway, the SBS, or the NIMBYs?

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