Dishing with Dee: Americans should come together in times of war

By Dee Richard

It appears that the case of Frank Skala vs. the New York Police Department’s 111th Precinct has been settled. Frank was awarded a grand total of $7,500, a tad less than the $1.8 million he sued for. For all of you who have had the uncontrollable urge to strangle Frank at various community meetings, resist the temptation. Otherwise you might be responsible for getting him started on a whole new hobby.

The Saul Weprin Democratic Club had New York City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe as its guest speaker at its monthly meeting. An interesting bit of trivia: Adrian’s father was a city planner and was responsible for bringing the concept of the “green markets” to Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

Councilman David Weprin has withdrawn his application for membership in the Black and Hispanic Caucus. His mother, Sylvia, was born in Cuba, and he thought this would make him eligible. Not so, said the caucus. So much for inclusion and togetherness.

I had dinner with a friend Friday night at Friends Restaurant in Flushing. If you recall, a deluge was coming down. They thoughtfully provided a container for the dripping umbrellas. You guessed it, by the time we finished dinner it had stopped raining, so we forgot the umbrella.

When Sunday rolled around and we finally remembered we left the umbrella at Friends, we went back not expecting to find it. To our surprise, it was there in all its glory. Not only does Friends have good food, but apparently good customers, as well. Or do you think the umbrella was just too ratty to take? Naw! Who wouldn’t love to own an orange-and-black vintage umbrella? It’s “tres chic.”

To all the anti-war protesters out there, get a life. Whether you think we should be at war or not doesn’t matter; we are at war, and as Americans you should support your president, your military and your country. Or are “Tokyo Rose” and “Hanoi Jane” your patron saints?

My grandmother “Nanny” lived with me until she died at the ripe old age of 99. Nanny was fond of using clichés as a way of illustrating her point. One of her favorites was “empty barrels make the most noise,” so let us propose a lifetime membership in the “empty-barrel brigade” to all the airheads out there protesting.

Every coin has two sides. On the flip side of that one is a very patriotic young councilwoman by the name of Melinda Katz who has launched a “Yellow Ribbon Campaign” to demonstrate support for our troops and their families by tying a yellow ribbon in front of their homes and offices.

A free yellow ribbon may be picked up at her council office at 104-01 Metropolitan Ave. in Forest Hills Monday through Friday. If her office is inconvenient to get to, spring for a dollar of your own. It’s the least we can do for these young men and women putting their lives on the line for us.

Councilman Tony Avella was the guest speaker at the Clinton Democratic Club’s monthly meeting. Tony, remember, was one of the three Queens council members who opposed the high real estate tax increase. He wasn’t successful, but his constituents appreciated his efforts on their behalf. In fact, he was punished for doing the job you elected him to do — an “attaboy” for Tony.

This past week U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman’s friends gave him a marvelous 60th birthday bash at the Fresh Meadows Country Club, a most elegant, posh club that reeks of money. Gary took the opportunity to announce he is running again, which is not much of a surprise. Ackerman and Padavan seem to be two of the impossible-to-beat elected officials. Could be because both of them try their very best to be responsive to the needs and wants of the people who elected them.

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Till next week.

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