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Dishing with Dee: Marshall intervenes in Weiner mailing fiasco

Amid the controversy, Anne Marie Boranian, CB 11’s district manager,…

By Dee Richard

The big buzz this past week has been the ill-advised enclosure in the Community Board 11’s mailing announcing a fund-raiser for U.S. Rep. Anthony Wiener at La Bella Vita restaurant.

Amid the controversy, Anne Marie Boranian, CB 11’s district manager, stepped down from the position, although she said she resigned for personal reasons. It’s too bad to see her go. We understand that Borough President Helen Marshall has personally sent a letter to Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn of the Department of Investigation and one to Mark Davies, executive director of the Conflict of Interest Board.

The letter Helen sent to each of the aforementioned also included a copy of Frank Skala’s letter to her. Frank is the president of the East Bayside Homeowners Association and he is also a member of CB 11. Frank was the original complainant and was responsible for bringing the matter to everyone’s attention. As he saw it, he was only doing his civic duty.

In former Department of Parks and Recreation Commissioner Henry Stern’s column he cavalierly dismissed the whole incident as “Tony” Wiener owing the city either $12 plus change or $17 plus change, depending on how you do the math. Come on, “Starquest,” since you referred to Anthony Wiener as “Tony” you obviously are a friend of his. Does this mean that any friend of yours is incapable of any wrongdoing?

We hope that all the other community boards have taken note of this incident and will be guided accordingly. Good work, Skala.

At the 109th Precinct Community Council’s last meeting for the summer, Deputy Inspector Thomas Cea proudly announced that day that the 109th was the No. 1 precinct in crime prevention in the city of New York. Congratulations to all the members of the 109th Precinct. By the way, Aug. 3 has been selected as National Night Out Against Crime this year. As we receive them, we will furnish you with additional details.

Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn tells us that her son Lee is making a run for a judicial seat. Lots a luck, Lee. If you are made of the same stuff your mom is, you’ll be an asset to the judiciary.

Uma Sengupta held a reception at the World’s Fair Marina Restaurant. It was a pre-election kickoff for district leader for the 25th Assembly District part B. Uma, you remember, is the first person of South Asian origin elected to public office in New York state. Good luck, Uma, and congratulations on a job well done these past two years. We’re sure your re-election is guaranteed based on your job performance alone.

We had a call from former publisher of the Queens Alternative Joyce Shepard the other evening from her summer home in New Jersey. It was good hearing from her. We wondered what had happened to her, as we had not heard anything from her for quite a while. She said she feels great and looks even better after her surgery. I can’t vouch for that, as I still have not seen the great unveiling of the all-new Joyce, but for now we will just have to take her word for it. She said she is taking the summer off from the political scene and is just going to enjoy the peaceful, stress-free beauty of the country.

Joyce also reminded me that she was the first person in Queens to become a member of Ross Perot’s Reform Party. She also said that Mike Niebauer was a member of her Queens group. The Reform Party ultimately became the Independence Party. The rest is history. By the way, does anyone know what ever became off Ross Perot?

Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin funded a Doo-Wop concert in Bowne Park last Sunday. It was a great concert performed by The Four Pops. Bowne Park Civic Association and the Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association also took part in the festivities. Brian used the same time to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony for his new filtration system that he secured funding for to have installed in the park lake. Its purpose is to prevent the algae buildup, which was at one time quite overwhelming.

Did you know they have a baby alligator in the lake? Apparently they haven’t been able to capture it, at least not yet. The weather wasn’t that great for a day in the park, but the concert more than made up for the lack of sunshine.

U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman awarded the various appointments to the military service academies to eight deserving young people from his district. The congressman was able to award the recipients personally this year. The candidates really appreciated it. Way to go, Gary!

After the ceremony the congressman gave an impromptu talk about the responsibility of young candidates in helping to form our future. Everyone there found the discussion most interesting. Gary is a great public speaker; the congressman can take great pride in that he has launched eight young people at the beginning of their lifelong careers.

Of the eight candidates selected, one was female and the other seven male. Proud parents, friends and/or relatives accompanied them. They happily posed with the congressman to have their photo taken. Best of luck to all you bright, talented, ambitious young people.

I received a most peculiar e-mail today. It was addressed from someone claiming to be connected with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Flushing. The message was, and I quote: “What have we done to you that you are so hostile toward our church on Sanford Ave.? Is it that you only want your pope-temples to exist in this world and no one else?”

Does anyone out there have a clue what this is all about? I have never heard of the sender and was not aware that they had a church on Sanford Avenue. Since I was not aware of their existence, I could hardly have commented about them. It appears someone has definitely confused me with someone else.

I have always been in favor of all religions, as I believe they bring out the very best in people no matter what denomination they are. They all adhere to the same principle, which is being the best that you can be.

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Till next week,


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