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Off-Duty Cop A ‘Hero' After Being Beaten

A Ridgewood woman allegedly scared of her firefighter ex-boyfriend is calling a cop her hero after he was violently beaten for driving her home.
According to police, Sean Murray, 28, of Hicksville, Long Island, assigned to Ladder Company 140 on Metropolitan Avenue, beat off-duty officer Ahmad Kessba, 24, until he suffered a brain hemorrhage on August 16.
“It is alleged that the defendant - an off-duty New York City firefighter - viciously assaulted a similarly off-duty police officer,” said District Attorney Richard A. Brown. &#8220According to the charges, the defendant’s actions were unprovoked and resulted in serious injuries to the police officer.”
Murray, who was arrested and charged with assault in the first and second degrees, was waiting outside the home of his former girlfriend when the victim was dropping her off.
The defendant then allegedly approached Kessba’s vehicle on the driver’s side and ordered him out of the car. Kessba allegedly told the defendant that he was a police officer and as he reached for his badge the defendant ripped Kessba out of the vehicle and threw him to the ground. Murray then allegedly began punching Kessba in the face and kicked him about the head. As Kessba laid on the ground unconscious, the defendant is alleged to have continued the attack choking the police officer and repeatedly banging his head on the cement ground. The defendant then allegedly attempted to get his ex-girlfriend out of the locked vehicle while she dialed 911 and when he failed, the defendant returned to pummeling the officer, repeatedly kicking him about the body and head.
As a result of the defendant's alleged actions the victim suffered a brain hemorrhage, bruising, bleeding to his head, face and out of his mouth and nose, swelling in his neck, head and face and both of his eyes were swollen shut.
Murray was arraigned on August 17. His bail was set at $250,000, and his next court appearance is scheduled for August 31. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison.

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