Jamaica Fire Kills Squatter

A Queens squatter died when the shanty he was living in caught fire and collapsed on him.
Around 4 a.m. on Saturday November 24, police and fire department officials were called to a small structural fire in a lot at Hillside Avenue and 175th Street.
When they arrived on the scene they discovered an unconscious male. The man was unresponsive and had severe burns all over his body.
The 68-year-old victim was known only as Rampersaud and was living in the vacant lot. He died at the scene.
Investigators said the fire started on a fence and jumped to the ply-wood shanty inside the construction site where a group of homeless people were sleeping and trying to stay warm.
Only Rampersaud did not escape the blaze.
Officials are urging those without homes to report to one of the homeless shelters set up throughout the city. They are also telling residents to call 3-1-1 if they believe someone is homeless so they can get the care they need.

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