In only two years of fielding a basketball team, the Eagle Academy for Young Men has become one of the most dominant teams in the PSAL, first as last year

Most successful B Division teams do not fare as well when promoted into a new home, but all doubts were erased when Eagle Academy not only beat Alfred E. Smith, but dominated them, 78-45, before going on to destroy Jane Addams 98-55 and Roosevelt Educational Campus 102-51.

Eagle Academy got its first real taste of competition at South Bronx, going against the Bronx A East second place Phoenix team, on December 14, slipping by 109-95, thanks in part to strong 1st and 4th quarters of play.

But it was business as usual against other West competitors, even dominating Walton on December 17. Walton is currently in second place and needed a win to stay in close contention, but Eagle Academy made it look easy, winning 82-58, before going on to once again dominate Alfred E. Smith, 99-52 as the first half of the season came to a close.

Leading the way has been Antoine Gattling (22.75 PPG, 14.88 RPG, 6.88 APG), Tyquan Brown (20.33 PPG, 18.5 RPG), Christopher Davis (11.33 PPG, 13 APG), Fabean Blackwood (12.75 PPG, 8 RPG) and Jermaine Smiley (9.83 PPG, 11.5 RPG), along with a deep bench that is still young.

Together, Eagle Academy will attempt to remain perfect, with another test coming on January 4 against the Bronx A East first place Samuel Gompers Panthers in a showdown to determine the true top dog of the A Division.

The second place Walton Wildcats have had some tough losses against Jane Addams (72-70), Samuel Gompers (78-50) and Eagle Academy. The three losses will make it difficult for Walton to make a run at Eagle Academy, but a February 4 meeting between the two teams has the potential to determine first place, or at the very least, provide Walton with some measure of hope should they cross paths in the A Division playoffs.

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