IT’S ONLY MY OPINION-Hillary Clinton and the 3 a.m. call

By Stanley P. Gershbein

Many years ago I was called as a witness to a lawsuit in which I was involved. I was asked a question by the opposing attorney and completely surprised – no. SHOCKED is a better word. I totally shocked him with my response. He attempted to stop me in the middle of my reply. I then looked up at the judge and said “Your honor. I'm not finished.”

“I'll allow it. I'm curious myself to hear what you have to say.”

I went on for another few minutes and when I was finished that lawyer was so distressed he asked for a recess.

Later that day when I related the situation to my son, Steve, also a lawyer, he taught me something that every competent attorney should know. He said, “A good lawyer should never ask a question that he doesn't know the answer to.”

It seems that there are some on Hillary's staff that are not good lawyers, that is, if they are lawyers at all. A recent Clinton TV advertisement asked Americans who they would prefer answering the telephone in the White House when a crises erupts at 3:AM. The intent was to boost the Clinton candidacy by pitting her against Senator Obama. John Zogby took it a little bit further He tossed the G.O.P. nominee, John McCain, into the mix. The results of this poll are now giving Senator Clinton's staffers agita. (Agita? – Did I use the right word?)

Given the choice between Hillary, should she get the nomination, and McCain, 55% preferred McCain while only 37% wanted Clinton to answer that phone with only 9% being unsure.

Between Senators Obama and McCain, Senator McCain's numbers jumped to 56% while only 35% preferred Obama. This particular poll was taken before the Pastor Wright situation hit the fan.

At this moment there is one thing of which I am sure. If, by any chance, Hillary gets nominated, we will be seeing a lot more of her 3:AM telephone call advertisement along with the Zogby results. Oh. By the way. Because of my statement that day in court, the people who sued me for millions and actually believed that by nailing me they will become wealthy, never laid a glove on this body. They were forced to settle for a very trivial amount. Someday, if you like, I'll be happy to tell you about it.


With American flags flanking both sides of her, Senator Clinton looked squarely at her audience and declared:

“I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

The Hillary campaign people say that the Senator “misspoke” when she described the time she, as a first lady, landed in Bosnia under sniper fire. Misspoke? That's a very polite way of saying that she lied. WHAT? HILLARY LIED? HOW SHOCKING?

This lie will go down in history along side of her husband's “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

She then gave more ammunition to her competition by saying that this was the first time in twelve years that she misspoke. Another great big lie. LIAR. LIAR. PANTSUIT ON FIRE.

So what else is new? She lied in her book, Living History. She lied in several speeches. She lied in TV interviews. Volumes have been written about her lies. She lies when she doesn't have to. Why is it necessary for her to tell these lies? Doesn't she realize that everything she does and says is taped and saved? She must know that somewhere down the line someone will expose those lies and every time a lie is uncovered it reminds people of so many of her other lies. And you thought we forgot that she lied about Chelsea jogging on 9/11 and she lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary.

Right now there are Hillary supporters reading this that are furious with me because I use the word 'lie' over and over. They would much prefer that I tone it down by using the lingo 'misspoke' or 'fabricate' or 'credibility problem'. Sorry but Hillary is a LIAR and LIARS tell lies. Let me know if you want to discuss this further. I assure you that I haven't begun to list the many lies she has handed you.

My friends on the left have an enormous problem. They've asked me – “Which liar should I support?” Like I really know.


In his recent visit to Jerusalem Vice President Dick Cheney said, “America's commitment to Israel's security is enduring and unshakable, as is our commitment to Israel's right to defend itself always against terrorism, rocket attacks, and other forces dedicated to Israel's destruction.”

Yes. Israel is very important to me for the obvious reason. I'd like to hear what our current candidates have to say, especially in the light of the venom spewed by Reverend Wright.


The bumper sticker of the day reads “Monica Lewinsky's X-Boyfriend's Wife for President.” In spite of the high cost of gas I'm on the road quite a bit and I've never actually seen one, but three of you sent me photos. I've also seen them on the Internet.

There are a lot of screwballs out there. Drivers who put political bumper stickers on their cars may be asking for trouble.


So now that AT&T has given up all telephone booths where will Cark Kent change his clothes? I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net still waiting for an answer to my question.


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