AA adds new faster screening area

There is some good news for passengers at the American Airlines terminal at LaGuardia airport.
At Concourse D, where the full-sized jets take off, there will be a sleek, new Transportation Security Administration screening area. This new, five-lane experience will speed up traffic and make life a little bit more bearable in the airport.
These five new lanes can now process 1,000 passengers per hour, which is up by 33 percent over the previous hourly capacity of 750.
“We wanted to do this new upgrade for a while now,” said American Airlines Spokesman Ned Raynolds. “This is all for the ambiance and customer-friendly environment that we provide on a daily basis.”
Within the five lanes of flowing traffic, one of the five will be strictly for first-class and business passengers. “These people pay a substantial amount for their trip, and we feel like they should be rewarded by whatever means the airport can provide,” said Raynolds.
This new security area was put into affect during the first week of July.
With more and more delays and tension in the airports, American Airlines is working hard to combine the Concourse D and Concourse C gates to create a faster moving situation in the airport. With this new security area, they are one-step closer in accomplishing their goal of uniting the concourses.
“We’re delighted to be able to offer American Airlines passengers a significantly faster, more pleasant security clearance procedure at LaGuardia,” said Chuck Imhof, Vice President of Passenger Sales for Greater New York. “This is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the air travel experience for all our customers.”
The passengers will benefit the most from this new area because there is going to be a one-third faster flowing security check than before. Spokesperson Raynolds said that you could essentially “zip” through the security check within five minutes, on a good day.
First-class and business travelers are getting the royal treatment in this newly installed security area. “Soon, we are going to be putting out a red carpet for them,” said Raynolds.

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