Padavan deserves campus in his name

In the last month or so, there has been a lot of fuss over the Glen Oaks campus being named after state Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose).

Now I have read that Democrats are up in arms over this action being taken in an election year and City Councilman James Gennaro (D-Fresh Meadows) is running against Padavan. Added to that, Gennaro said he was “absolutely incredulous to hear that the campus was being named after my opponent.”

But the reason this was done was not political. As city Schools Chancellor Joel Klein said: “This campus was years in the making and involved, among other things, the transfer of state-owned land to the city… by the extraordinary efforts by Sen. Padavan.” This campus may not have happened if not for Padavan's efforts.

There are also those who say that such structures should not be named after someone still in office and running for re-election. I think, however, that we should honor people like Padavan while they are alive. Padavan has given his all to the people of New York and believes in educating our children, this state's future.

I applaud the city for honoring a dedicated public servant whom our youth can look up to as a role model. Padavan has shown that he cares about them.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


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