Junior attacker Gregory Davis made waves in the CHSAA when he led the city-champion Stanners on a blistering postseason run from October 28 to November 9. In the city playoffs, he scored the winning goal against St. Peter’s and set up Patrick O’Grady’s clinching goal against Fordham Prep. In the state playoffs, he scored a late tying goal against Iona Prep and added Molloy’s only strike in a season-ending loss to St. Anthony’s.

When did you start playing soccer?
I started playing soccer when I was about five, six years old. I started early. I started off in a little camp with my dad and everything, and I’ve just been playing ever since. I had a lot of fun with it. I played a couple of other sports, but this was the one I just really enjoyed. I couldn’t stop playing.

Do you follow professional soccer?

Yeah, my favorite team is Arsenal. They had my favorite player, Thierry Henry. They’re a pretty good team. I enjoy watching their style of play, which is really [attacking].

Why Thierry Henry?

Just the way he attacks people with the ball, without any fear. It’s like he’s not afraid to run at them, and his skill is definitely amazing.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received as a player?

The best piece of advice was to just never stop, never stop trying, never stop training, because there’s always someone who’s training just a little bit harder than you to try to take your spot. You don’t know what other people are doing, so you always have to give it your all. My longtime trainer [Paul Allen] told me that.

What was the best goal you scored all year?

I would say the one against Iona [in the state semifinals on November 7], just because it was so late, and it was a real vital goal. It was just pure excitement. It wasn’t looking good, down 2-1 with only a minute and a half left, and all of us were really down, ’cause we’re trying hard, we’re getting some chances, but we’re not putting them in. And after [the goal] it was ecstatic, ’cause it just turned the whole game around.

How far did you really think Molloy would go this year?

I’m not sure how far we wanted to go, but I know my goal was really to get to the state finals. I was real confident in our team. We have a good team and I knew we were going to go far, I just wasn’t sure how far.

What do you need to improve on personally for next season?

I think maybe my movement off the ball. I have to improve a little bit on that, because the more you move off the ball, the more you get the ball.

Who’s the funniest player on your team?

That probably would be [senior captain] Andrew Rodriguez. He was out for most of the season [with an ankle injury] but he came to a lot of practices, came to every game. He just really made it fun, he really made us enjoy it.

Your coach, Andy Kostel, is not always the most forthright person with the press. What’s the biggest secret no one knows about him?

[Thinks.] Honestly it would have to be although he doesn’t seem like he’s– [pause]. On the field he’s really loud and he’s really angry. He’s a good guy, though.

What’s your favorite neighborhood in Queens?

It would probably have to be the neighborhood that I live in, Jamaica. That’s where I grew up. It’s a good neighborhood; it’s close to the schools I went to for elementary and junior high school. A lot of times I just go outside and play with the ball a little bit.

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