Ramps and Lifts for the Physically Disabled

For people with physical disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, one of the many challenges is negotiating steps. At Ramps For A Better Living, the staff understands this challenge and provides solutions to help clients overcome it.
Though many people with physical disabilities rely on the help of family members or neighbors whenever they need to leave their homes, Ramps For A Better Living aims to provide an alternative solution since there are times when a helper may not be available. The staff believes that one should not need an extra set of hands to enter or exit their homes, and the installation of a ramp or lift can greatly increase independence.
Ramps For A Better Living provides ramps for steps, vans or temporary use. Modular ramp systems are also available to accommodate all needs. Aluminum ramps give users great flexibility for many short-term situations since they are lightweight and easy to install. Ideal for relocation and storage when not in use, aluminum ramps are compact and can be folded down. Ramps For A Better Living introduces Roll-A-Ramp, the portable ramp system for wheelchair and scooter users who seek the freedom to visit others in their homes. The Roll-A-Ramp allows for permanent or semipermanent mounting to landings, thresholds, or vans. Steel ramps are also available, for a portable and low cost solution. Reimbursable by insurance in many states, steel ramps can be removed and reused in a different location.
The company also offers lifts for vans and stairs that are inside the home, so that residents can safely and comfortably transport themselves between floors. With options ranging from manually operated, portable lifts, like the Mobilift, to stairway lifts and above ground pool lifts, Ramps For A Better Living has live to improve mobility in every aspect of your life.
Because all dwellings differ in their physical conditions and property lines, Ramps For A Better Living offers free surveys of the space to potential clients. If an installation is possible, the company will also provide a no-obligation estimate. For additional information or to schedule an appointment for a property survey, call 718-605-2626 today. Visit Ramps For A Better Living on the web at www.rampsforliving.com.

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