Paper must show sensitivity to minorities

Your April 9 editorial “The Showdown at JHS 8” is wrong. If you had done your homework, you would have found that Principal John Murphy should never have been assigned to IS 8Q, which happens to be the school’s correct title.

Also, it is evident from many of your editorials that there seems to be no one on your editorial board of African descent. If there were, your paper would be more sensitive to how different ethnicities are reported or editorialized.

The conclusion reached by City Councilman Leroy Comrie (D−St. Albans) and state Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (D−St. Albans) is right on the money. They need to be commended for bringing this longtime problem to the attention of city Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, Deputy Mayor for Education Dennis Walcott and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Finally, if you were concerned about being fair, your Focus on Queens’ page would include pictures of what is going on in the many communities of color. Though photographed by Dee Richard, I should think you could have some pictures on that same page by Nat Valentine or a separate page for black people.

Rev. Dr. Charles L. Norris. Sr.

St. Albans

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