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Crime down in the 102

Captain Armando DeLeon, Commanding Officer of the 102nd Precinct, reports that, over a 28-day period, crime is down in the command 12 percent, and, year-to-date, 11 percent.
The drop, he noted, is due in part to a “significant arrest”?in burglaries.
A 15-year-old and a 13-year-old were taken into custody, and, according to DeLeon, this “closed out a few patterns.”
However, he said, “As soon as we shut that door we saw a spike in Grand Larceny Auto.”
With 54 percent of the cars being stolen Toyotas, he cautioned, “If you have a Toyota, be afraid, be very afraid.”
In fact, on Tuesday, October 27, DeLeon said that officers arrested an individual in a stolen Toyota Rav 4.
Regarding noise complaints, the Commanding Officer said, “We get a lot of 3-1-1 calls in the 102 [regarding noise] . . . 15 to 20 per night on weekends.”
But, he assured, “We will respond to every noise complaint.”

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