Pols still blocking Walmart

“Time For Walmart” (Editorial – January 6, 2011) unfortunately will never come until local elected officials including City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and many of her colleagues get on board.
The public opinion polls reveal that New Yorkers would like the opportunity to shop at Walmart. However the retail, wholesale department store and other unions who oppose Walmart make campaign donations, endorsements, run phone banks and provide volunteers to many of the same elected officials opposing Walmart.
To avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest, they should have to return campaign contributions from the same with union and other special interest contributions. Perhaps it is time to expose the dishonor role of Councilmembers who oppose the creation of jobs, good prices and tax revenues that would be created by Walmart.
It is time to allow Walmart the opportunity to compete in the city marketplace. For those “Politically Correct,” don’t shop there, but give everyone else a choice.

Larry Penner
Great Neck

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