Exercise Smart: Remember the tortoise and the hare!

It’s February again. Have you started that exercise program that you promised yourself? If not, you’re not alone. Only about eight percent of Americans keep their New Year’s resolutions, and starting an exercise program is a particularly tough one.
The very thought of knocking yourself out with exercise every day makes you cringe. Me too.
It reminds me of the old story of the guy who beats his head against the wall. When his friend asks, “Why on earth are you doing that,” the guy replies “Cause it feels so good when I stop.”
Crazy? Maybe. But that’s what’s going on with fitness today. We’re told we have to push our selves beyond all reason to get fit and then maintain with some austere, joyless regimen forever. Yea, can’t wait.
Well that’s just nonsense. Exercise should be something you look forward to instead of dread. You can get every bit as fit without the drudgery. I’m not saying that you should never do vigorous exercise. I’m saying don’t do it until your body is ready to enjoy and benefit from it. It’s not exercise “Light”; it’s exercise “SMART”.
So here’s the plan. The first step is get up and move. Start today and spend five minutes doing something really easy like putting some favorite music on and dancing around. Or take a five-minute walk.
Try to do this at the same time every day, the earlier the better.
Pick something fun, something you can look forward to doing again tomorrow.
Do five minutes a day until it gets too easy. Then add another 5 minutes.
The idea is to ease up to 30 minutes of moderate movement a day.
This may take weeks or months. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.
Trying to go too fast is what makes people quit. Remember the tortoise and the hare!
If you have already started apply this gradual method to any program you’re on. It will help you stay on track.
Let me know how you’re doing. If you have any questions or comments my email is at the bottom of this article.
Of course always consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.
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Mirabai Holland M.F.A. legendary fitness pioneer, is one of the leading authorities in the Health & Fitness industry, and a public health activist who specializes in preventive and rehabilitative exercise for people. Her Moving Free® approach to exercise is designed to provide a movement experience so pleasant it doesn’t feel like work. www.easyexercisevideos.com

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