Wake up call!

The latest incidents of near fatal collisions between aircraft was due to air traffic controllers being asleep – and is just another wake up call. If these controllers are so overworked that they cannot remain awake, then something needs to be done.

All of their work schedules need to be amended so that they are not working more than eight or nine hours per shift, and additional controllers should be hired.

Obviously, there is a major problem, and the FAA needs to resolve this before we have an actual collision between aircraft, either in the air or on the airport runways, which are both very overcrowded.

This proves that you cannot put the blame on birds for all of the problems with flying or landing aircraft. Human error is as much, if not MORE to blame then birds. The government also needs to address this problem of air traffic controllers who are not paying attention to doing their very important jobs. The lives of thousands of daily air travelers rests in their hands!

John Amato

Fresh Meadows


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