I.S. 227 of East Elmhurst going to math tourney

I.S. 227 in East Elmhurst has been preparing all year for their second appearance at the Pi5NY City Wide Math Tournament on May 14 at The Armory in Manhattan.
“At the beginning of the year we solicited students in grades five through eight to volunteer for the math team,” said Peter Russo, team coordinator. “I recruited teachers to volunteer their time during lunch periods to run practice sessions to get us started.”
Each team separated by grade and division (junior varsity or varsity) will put their math skills to the test in the 45 minute competition. Each problem is valued in a point range of 100 to 500. The team with the highest score wins for their division with the Grand Pi Trophy presented to the division winner with the highest overall score.
“Our biggest accomplishment is having support from the school in the interest of the students,” said Russo. “[IS 227] never had a math team prior to me starting last year. We were able to raise the level of expectations of staff and students, doubled the math team in size and we are currently working with fifth graders in an effort to prep them for next year’s tournament.”
A small percentage of the students from last year’s competition are returning for this year’s event; however, Russo says the student’s are “hyped up and looking forward to fun and working together” in a competitive spirit.
“I’m looking forward to the energy and excitement when they actually compete, it’s an event like no other,” said Russo. “The kids get so excited. I can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces.”
For more information on the Pi5NY City Wide Math Tournament, visit www.pi5ny.com.

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