Dishing with Dee: Media should leave Weiner alone on sexting controversy

By Dee Richard

Being the political junkie I am, I can’t let the Weinergate fiasco go by without a few comments. Incidentally, these comments are solely my own, so here goes! First, don’t you think all the constant repetitive jibes are overkill? How much of Weiner’s sexting is of such earth-shattering magnitude that it deserves daily coverage? Why is it pushing national and international news into second place?

I have known and liked Anthony Weiner for about 15 or 16 years and possibly a few more. My acquaintance with him has been strictly business given my line of work. It is a casual acquaintance, but I have always found him to be a bright, intelligent, decent man with a rapier wit.

Is what Weiner did stupid? Yes! Do we all wish he didn’t do it? Yes! But it happened and no matter how much you wish it didn’t, you can’t turn back the clock and erase silly mistakes, so let’s move on from here.

Just what did he do that is so horrendous? He indulged in sophomoric sexting and posted photos of himself on social networks. Parents, before you castigate Weiner, have you checked out what your own teenagers are posting on Twitter and Facebook? You might be surprised to find out that what your children are doing may make Weiner look like amateur hour. This electronic tomfoolery is the in-thing now. That’s the bad news. The good news is your daughter can’t get pregnant online.

Some people have gone so far as to say Weiner’s sexting is tantamount to adultery. If true, there is an awful lot of adultery going on. What about the husbands who read Playboy? What about the husbands who are addicted to porn on cable? Are they all also committing adultery?

Think about it. Don’t let yourself become a victim of the gotcha mentality. Everyone is so busy castigating Weiner that no one has said anything about the women we know of who were sexting with him. Remember, it takes two to tango and they were conducted over thousands of miles without any personal contact.

From what we understand, Weiner confessed before his marriage to his wife about his penchant to indulge in sexting. Perhaps knowing of the situation, it may not have been the best idea to have left him alone while she was gallivanting around the world with Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Hillary, it was amusing to read that Hillary’s advice to his wife, Huma Abedin, was to leave Weiner. Is that a do as I say, rather than a do as I do? As I recall, the sex situation involving Bill Clinton and an intern in the Oval Office was up close and personal as opposed to sexting hundreds of miles away. When confronted, Clinton also lied and he did not resign. He continued to serve the American public rather well. I also recall that Hillary stood by her man.

Having experienced a more serious situation, why would she give Huma different advice then what she followed herself? My grandmother was a wise lady who lived with me until she died at more than 100 years old. I remember many of her words of wit and wisdom.

The one she would have used in this situation was, “A well-fed man never sits down at another woman’s table to dine.” If Huma and Weiner are sincerely interested in saving their marriage, perhaps if Huma wants to work and continue her career, she should consider assignments that would keep her close to home. Remember the old bromide: “No man or woman can serve two masters.”

The choice for Huma is home, husband and baby or career and worldwide traveling away from home. No one can advise the Weiners how they should live their lives, nor should they try. I understand Weiner is going to take some time off to evaluate his situation and discuss it with his wife, as well as perhaps seek therapy. It seems as though it’s up to his wife to save her marriage and it’s up to his constituents to save his career. From what I understand, those constituents are satisfied with the job he has done and the majority of them would like him to continue to represent them in Congress.

Just who is whipping up the press? Is it someone who covets his congressional seat or someone who also wants to run for mayor and sees it as an opportunity to eliminate a rival — or was it payback to Weiner, who is Jewish and objected to the White House’s cavalier attitude toward Israel and the Middle East?

In my opinion, it’s time to give the guy a break, so get a life and stop the endless rhetoric. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you have never told a lie to extricate yourself from an embarrassing, silly or stupid situation.

Till next week, Dee.

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