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Real Cops Slap Cuffs on Faker

Pretend Policeman Busted For Robbery

Riding around Maspeth with a car equipped with strobe lights, a neighborhood man who posed as a police officer was busted by police last Friday morning, Dec. 30, 2011, for allegedly robbing one man and stopping another for questioning, law enforcement sources said.

Police sources identified the phony police officer as 27-year-old Nick Francis of Grand Avenue in Maspeth, who was taken into custody by Police Officers Sean McCarren and Jason Bianchini.

According to information obtained by the Queens District Attorney’s office, the trouble began at around 3:10 a.m. last Friday in the vicinity of Hamilton Place and Borden Avenue.

Reportedly, Francis-who was allegedly behind the wheel of a red Subaru with flashing strobe lights- approached a man walking on the sidewalk. After identifying himself as a police officer, authorities said, the suspect demanded to search the pedestrian.

Police said Francis removed the victim’s jacket, which contained a wallet, returned to his vehicle and drove away from the scene.

Six minutes later, according to the

SEE FAKE ON PG. 26- complaint, Francis allegedly drove to the vicinity of Remsen Place and Clinton Avenue and approached a second man.

After the suspect identified himself as a police officer, law enforcement sources stated, the man asked to see his badge. Reportedly, Francis verbally refused the man’s request and sped away from the location.

Members of the 104th Precinct responded to reports of the incident and conducted a search of the surrounding area.

During their canvass, police said, Officers McCarren and Bianchini spotted Francis riding around in a red Subaru that matched the description of the vehicle used in the impersonation incidents.

After stopping the suspect, police searched his vehicle and recovered the stolen jacket, a bulletproof vest and a holster for a firearm.

Francis was charged with fourthdegree grand larceny and first-degree criminal impersonation.

Court records noted that he was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court last Friday before Judge John Zoll, who ordered him held on $25,000 bail. He is scheduled to return to court next Friday, Jan. 13.

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