Republicans want to destroy Medicare

Can you believe that the Republican Party in Washington, D.C., wants to end Medicare as we know it? Medicare was signed into law in reaction to seniors’ numbers having grown to 9.4 percent of the total population. Today, that percentage is much larger — 13 percent — making this a bad time to try to end Medicare, which our seniors depend on.

As Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), prepare their latest budget, one thing is for sure: Seniors will again pay the price while millionaires are protected.

This is about our values and priorities. We must have a budget that is fair and protects Medicare and also creates jobs, strengthens small businesses, rebuilds the middle class and reduces the deficit.

It is an insult to ask seniors, who have worked hard their entire lives earning Medicare benefits, to be asked to sacrifice while millionaires and big oil are not asked to sacrifice a dime. Republicans will try to tell you that their premium support scheme does not end Medicare, but do not buy it.

Premium support ends the Medicare guarantee and shifts substantial costs onto seniors. Last year’s Republican budget would cost seniors $6,400 more for their health care.

There is something you can do. Visit standupformedicare.com and sign the petition. Join me in telling the GOP that ending Medicare is unacceptable.

Matthew Silverstein

Democratic State Committeeman

26th State Assembly District


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