BID board vote set for July

BID board vote set for July
Photo by Phil Corso
By Phil Corso

There has been a lot to talk about for members of the Bayside Village Business Improvement District throughout recent weeks.

And after the dust settled from the hiring and introduction of a new executive director, members both new and old have shifted their sights to the future, which includes an annual meeting and board election.

For ousted former Executive Director Gregg Sullivan, the BID’s upcoming annual meeting is just another opportunity to move Bayside further on its upward swing, he said. Sullivan, who expressed interest in being elected as a board member, said he was working to assemble a new slate to be considered in the group’s annual elections.

“I’ve made a great contribution to Bayside and I believe I deserve to continue with that work,” Sullivan said. “I love doing it and I’ll be a great watchdog for the residents and business owners.”

The annual BID meeting, expected to be sometime in July, includes the election of a new board, a presentation on the past year’s performance, plans for the future, a review of the annual budget and a keynote guest speaker.

BID members vote each year at the annual meeting to elect a slate to represent them.

Newly appointed Executive Director Lyle Sclair said he has been doing his best since joining the BID last month to keep interested board candidates informed and involved.

“I’m keeping myself at arm’s length from the details of who might be running,” Sclair said. “If anyone asks me for general rules about how to run or who to talk to, I’ll step in,” Sclair said.

The board is comprised of eight property owners, one business owner, one resident and representatives from the borough president, City Council, community board, city comptroller’s office and mayor’s office.

Sullivan said he was working with Bayside business and property owners who have agreed to run on the same slate to breathe new life into the BID, including Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse CEO William Degel.

That optimism, Sullivan said, was shared by the members of the potential slate he was helping assemble to be considered in this summer’s election. He said he hoped to provide BID members with options in this year’s vote by coming up with candidates for a new board.

“I’d like to see brand-new blood from the top to the bottom,” Sullivan said. “With that would come new officers and some new ideas.”

BID Chairman Jim Riso said he would not seek re-election for his current position, but would still remain active on the board if elected. Like Sullivan, Riso also said it was time for some new blood.

“I will stay on as a board member if elected, but will let the process play itself out,” Riso said. “If not elected to the board, I may stay involved by being on a committee or something.”

Sullivan also expressed his support of Sclair as the group’s newest executive director and said he hoped to help him with whatever he might need.

“Lyle Sclair comes to us with wonderful qualifications to assume the post of executive director,” Sullivan said. “All the stakeholders in the Bayside Village BID have renewed reasons for optimism.”

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