The meaning of Thanksgiving

For many of us this Thanksgiving will have special meaning.

As the tri-state area, and especially our borough, recovers from Sandy, let us each take stock of what – and who – we have in our lives, and count our blessings.

And let us not forget those who have lost so much.

Yes, we have galvanized together for the relief efforts, with literally thousands of people and businesses donating, volunteering and giving.

But the holidays will be very hard for those still reeling from the storm.

As they struggle to return to their homes, their lives and to a sense of normalcy, let us continue to help them in any way we can.

When you go to the grocery store, if you can, pick up a few extra items. Go through your closets and see if you have any spare blankets. And, if possible, make a cash donation.

Remember, many of these folks will have nowhere and nothing to celebrate the holidays with.

So let us be grateful and “pay it forward.”

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