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Parks needs to better care for trees

As we approach spring and summer, it is important for the city Parks Department’s Forestry Division to maintain the thousands of trees that line streets and that are in our parks and playgrounds.

Hurricane Sandy caused the loss of nearly 26,000 trees in our area, and thousands more were severely damaged and compromised by the storm. If the Forestry Division is so understaffed, it needs to contract tree maintenance work out to private tree companies so regular maintenance is done.

The safety of the public must be a priority in the city’s parks and playgrounds and along its streets. Mayor Michael Bloomberg should stop worrying about limiting the size of soft drinks and start worrying about the safety of the public in areas where there are many trees.

They need to be maintained on a regular basis and those that are not healthy or in a weakened state should be removed immediately. Future senseless tragedies must and can be avoided if trees are regularly maintained.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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