Flushing students drink from the upstate nectar of maple syrup

Photo courtesy of State Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky's office

John Bowne High School students went outside today for a little sweet talk.

Students from the upstate school Verona-Vernon-Sherrill High School traveled down to Flushing to meet students at John Bowne High School. The northern folk came with a sweet mission: exchange information about the science and technology behind modern maple production in New York with their fellow downstate students.

State Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky was also at the school to welcome the upstate students, who drove from Verona near Oneida, N.Y. in a vehicle named the Mobile Maple Trailer. Students from both schools are part of  a learning program, Future Farmers of America, that puts an emphasis on agricultural education. Future Farmers of America is a research organization that works with the U.S. Department of Education to develop agriculture-based curricula.

“The Mobile Maple Truck is another example of how upstate and downstate economies are strongest when they support each other,” Stavisky said. “I always look forward to the yearly exchange of ideas and information between the Future Farmers of America programs at Verona-Vernon-Sherrill and John Bowne High schools. These students are learning the skills in agriculture, science, technology and business today so that they can lead these fields in our state tomorrow.”


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