FreshDirect selling mega LIC facility ahead of Bronx move

Fresh Direct – 23-30 Borden Avenue
Photo courtesy of Cushman & Wakefield

As online grocer FreshDirect is getting ready to pack up and exit Long Island City, the company is listing its massive Queens waterfront facility for sale.

FreshDirect has hired Cushman & Wakefield to sell its facility at 23-30 Borden Ave. ahead of its move to the South Bronx, which was approved last year.

The grocer bought the facility in 1999 and is hoping to sell and then lease back the property from the new owners for about a year while it begins to wind down operations in Queens.

The manufacturing and storage complex is in high demand because of recent trends in city real estate, according to Bob Knakal, chairman of New York Investment Sales for Cushman & Wakefield, who is heading marketing for the property with David Chkheidze.

“In recent years, the progression of the New York City real estate market has exerted upward pressure on the value of repositioning the city’s once-thriving industrial, warehouse and manufacturing properties,” Knakal said. “As a result, the demand for this product type has never been greater and continues to attract the attention of a rapidly transforming distribution industry.”

The building has about 276,705 square feet of space and 406,552 buildable square feet under current zoning regulations.