Help us save Most Precious Blood School

By Kevin Sullivan

Most Precious Blood School in Long Island City is scheduled to be closed in June. This should not happen!

The school has been educating neighborhood children since 1957. It currently has an enrollment of over 300 students ranging from nursery through eighth grade. It has never been a financial

drain on either the Parish or the Diocese of Brooklyn and currently operates at a profit. It has over $500,000 saved to be put towards necessary building repairs. A coalition of parents and

alumni are prepared to work together to raise whatever additional funds are needed.

So why is the school being closed? Because the church building is in dire need of repair. A steel brace is actually holding up the south wall which is separating from the rest of the structure.

The cost of repair is allegedly $3 million. The plan is to close the school l and rent out the building, using the funds realized to repair the church.

No one in the Parish was consulted about this and all rescue plans and even pro-bono repair offers by construction companies have been ignored by the powers that be.

We ask all Catholics and, actually, anyone who believes in educational diversity to write to Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of the Brooklyn Diocese and ask him to stop this totally unfair shutdown and save Most Precious Blood School.

Kevin Sullivan



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