Queens casting underway for major Hollywood film

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The next child star could be found in one of our very own neighborhoods.

Chrystie Street Casting is currently looking for children and young teens ages 10 to 14 in a casting search to fill seven roles in a major Hollywood movie set to be shot in the summer of 2015. Although information on the upcoming film’s plot and the identity of its director is being kept confidential, the lead of the film will be cast from children responding to the open call.

All physical types and ethnicities are encouraged to send in submissions. According to casting director Suzanne Smith, the agency has already gone through rounds of auditions with child actors with professional representation, and is now looking for youths specifically from the Queens area.

The casting directors conducting the search have worked on high-profile, critically acclaimed projects in the past, such as Oscar-winning films “Precious” and “Good Will Hunting,” along with recent commercial smash “The Wolverine,” which starred Hugh Jackman in the title role.

Representatives of the casting firm say that emphasizing the individuality of the child is the best way for parents to showcase potential star quality in photo submissions.

“There’s so many different types of roles we’re casting. Don’t try too hard to force yourself into one of them,” said Rebecca Dealy, an associate at Chrystie Street Casting involved with the open call. “Just show us who you are, because you are interesting!”

Phone calls to the agency will not be accepted. Instead, interested parties should send a recent photo along with their age and contact information to [email protected].

The following roles are being sought in the open call:

[ERIC] Male, 10-12 years old. The lead of our film. Shyer than his friends. Loves to draw.

[STEVEN] Male, 10-12 years old. The leader of the group. Athletic. Starting to think he may be cooler than his friends.

[ALAN] Male, 10-12 years old. Funny. Loves classic rock and drumming. Trying desperately to be cool.

[MARK] Male, 10-12 years old. In his awkward stage. Loves math and Minecraft.

[JOCK] Male, 13-15 years old. Smart aleck. Athletic.

[LINDA] Female, 10-12 years old. A tomboy that likes to hang with the boys. A bit pushy, always trying to get her way but still a good friend.

[JENNI] Female, 12-14 years old. A nice girl. Imaginative. Has a sparkle in her eyes and loves to laugh.