Whitestone students sing Christmas carols to local businesses

The 5th graders who took part in the caroling trip will be the school's first graduating class.
Photo courtesy of Nick Condomanolis

Children from Whitestone’s Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Day School brought a little bit of holiday cheer to local businesses Friday during a door-to-door Christmas caroling field trip.

Principal Frederica Sagiani and Greek teacher Ellie Zhonga accompanied the fifth-graders to stores and businesses throughout Whitestone village, where they sang traditional songs and played musical triangles for that extra jingle-jangle effect.

According to Sagiani, the school decided to go carolling in Whitestone to support businesses patronized by many of the parents and families of their student body.

“We felt that it was important for us to spread the cheer of the holiday season,” Sagiani said.

The students will be the first graduating class at the private elementary school, which teaches a curriculum focusing on language, culture, and religion in both English and Greek.

Christmas is one of the most revered holidays of the Greek Orthodox Church, and Sagiani said the children were ecstatic to take part in the festivities outside of their normal school routine.

“It’s a wonderful tradition in Greece and we’re trying to relive it here as well,” Sagiani said.

Nick Condomanolis, an employee at the Tasty Grill in Whitestone, saw the children at his workplace and posted their photo online to show his approval. He later told The Courier that they brightened up his day and made him proud to be from northeast Queens.

“Nothing’s like home for the holidays and these kids made me proud to call Whitestone my home,” Condomanolis said.

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