VIDEO: Huge snuggly rat climbs on a sleeping man’s neck on the 7 train

Photo courtesy of Instagram/Antony Lin

A sleeping 7 train passenger woke up to a furry surprise on Sunday morning as a rat climbed up his leg and onto his neck.

A video taken by Antony Lin on Instagram shows the rodent making its way up the man’s neck and his terrified reaction after waking up. The subway was rolling out of the 34th St-Hudson Yards Station, according to NBC.

“3AM on the 7 train.,” Lin captioned the video. “MTA subways come equipped with cuddly rats.”

Lin said a couple on the train moved to another car when they saw the rat scuttle in. He took his phone out to film it and happened to capture the critter on its journey up the man’s leg and neck.

“It’s just insane and disgusting overall to see that,” Lin told NBC. “I’ve seen it on the tracks and platform, but never inside the train.”

3AM on the 7 train. MTA subways come equipped with cuddly rats. #mta #goingyourway #nycsubway

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