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Rockaway Park-based company offers daring New Yorkers yoga classes on a paddleboard

Photos: courtesy of A-Team Paddleboarding/Instagram

Most New Yorkers love yoga. Some New Yorkers love paddleboarding, but only few dare to do yoga while on a paddleboard. One Rockaway Park company is trying to change that while bringing more light to a trend that takes yoga to a whole new level.

Yoga paddle boarding consists of channeling your inner peace through the art of maintaining perfect balance on a 30-inch-wide board quivering on water. Yoga paddleboarding instructor and an owner at A-Team Paddleboarding, Amy Dima, says that this is one of the best ways to enhance all the benefits yoga already provides.

“Yoga paddleboarding provides great mental release. Simply being able to stare out into the water delivers an amazing refreshing feeling,” Dima said.

According to Dima, yoga paddleboarding provides the best of both worlds. With a standard paddleboard lesson infused with yoga, movement from the water gives more balance while forcing you to use and exercise core muscles.

Dima asks interested individuals to come with an open mind. “Yoga paddleboarding won’t be the same experience as on a mat. It is more playful, yet more challenging. Most people are extremely happy they get to try something new and the overall experience sends the mind to a better, more peaceful place,” she explains.

Located on 114-04 Beach Channel Dr., Rockaway Park in Queens, one class costs $40 and the company offers also exclusive packages that bring the cost down.

Aside from yoga, A-Team Paddleboarding also offers various other group and private lessons, as well as rentals for boards and a children’s camp.

For more information visit the A-Team Paddleboarding website, or call Dima at 718-945-0300.

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