Avoid these common mistakes in renovating your bathroom

Avoid these common mistakes in renovating your bathroom

You’ve chosen the perfect tiles for your new dream bathroom and can’t wait to see the end result but have you considered all the factors involved when it comes to your tiles? Prepare yourself in advance with the tips below and you can avoid these common (not to mention expensive) mistakes.

Cost of tiles 

When budgeting for tiles, keep in mind that your floor area is normally smaller than your wall area. If you are working on a tight budget, consider spending more on the floors and choosing a more cost-effective tile for the walls such as subway tiles. Subway tiles are a classic tile that can look fabulous in both modern and traditional bathrooms, and all without the expensive price tag.


Plan and Style 

When choosing tiles for your bathroom ensure that all other elements of the bathroom such as fixtures and fittings work well together. Take into consideration colors of countertops, bathroom fixtures and painted surfaces. Choose one hero feature in your bathroom design. This could be a tiled feature wall, an interesting floor tile or even a stand out vanity unit. Just be sure not to have too many elements competing for the spotlight.


Be aware that tile colors will look very different in a brightly lit tile showroom compared to your bathroom that may have a mixture of artificial and natural light. It’s always a good idea to bring tile samples home and checking to see how they will look in your space. The end result may end up looking lighter or darker than expected but this may be a simple case of adding or moving light fixtures.  If unsure get some advice from our expert tile consultants.


Choosing a Tile Installer

Poorly installed tiles can make even the most expensive tiles look plain and uninteresting. Like in all professions you will encounter different quality of workmanship and professionalism between different tile installers. It’s a great idea to not only get three quotes but to also see pictures of their past work. A good tile installer will plan and prepare the project before commencing, ensuring tiles are cut to perfection and grout joints are consistent and neat.

Ordering Tiles 

Once you have decided on your perfect selection, ask your tile installer to estimate the quantities needed for each different tile range. They will generally add 10 percent extra to the amount to allow for cuts and breakage. Once your quantities have been established, order your tiles right away. The stock levels of tiles change regularly and there is no guarantee that your quantities will be available when tiles are needed. If not available immediately there may be a lead-time involved. Order earlier rather than later to avoid disappointment, especially as many tiles are shipped from Europe.


Make no mistake; choosing the grout color is an important decision, one that should not be left up to your tile installer. Grout can make or break your design. Decide whether you want to make the grout color a feature of the design, be neutral or blend with your tile. Glass tile users should make sure they are using a grout made for glass tile as normal grout can cause your glass tile to not reflect and refract light. Depending on what you choose can greatly alter the end result. Once you have decided, be sure to give your tile installer clear instructions, especially if there are different grout colors for different tiles in the bathroom.

Lush_Sky StarGlass vs Sanded


Tiles that normally need to be sealed are natural stone and unglazed tiles. Sealing tiles will help with the cleaning process enabling a film to be absorbed by the tile and protecting its surface from staining especially in wet areas. You will need to re-seal tiles after a while depending on where tiles are installed and the amount of traffic and “wear and tear” that is present. It’s important to speak to our staff or your tile contractor if unsure.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Before using any cleaning products on your new tiles be sure to be informed as to what is suitable. For example cleaning products that contain any type of acid cannot be used on concrete tiles. Bleach or harsh chemicals cannot be used on natural stone. Using an unsuitable cleaning product can permanently damage your tiles so be sure to check with our staff or your tile installer if you have any doubts.


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