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Trump cooks up another controversy

By Benjamin M. Haber

Notwithstanding independent corroboration shortly after several women alleged that they were sexually harassed by Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, not only does he deny the allegations, he claims he never met some of the women and that their complaints constitute a conspiracy to deny him the election.

His scenario also includes a claim the microphone was deliberately tampered with at his first debate; the debates were rigged; he has no respect for the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates; if he loses the election it was rigged; the media are crooked and if elected he will change the libel laws (evidencing he is unaware that it is Congress that enacts legislation and not a President); his absurd claim without a scintilla of evidence that Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international bankers to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty.

Most disturbing is the fact that Mr. Trump has now been reduced to extreme rabble rousing reminiscent of dictators, claiming if he is not elected, this country will no longer be a democracy and worldwide civilization will be doomed. He and only he, can be the world’s savior. Really? Mr. Trump is confused about a wall at the border with Mexico. The real wall he is currently involved with, is the one from which he has now fallen off together with his absurdities. In describing Trump as “what an ugly American male looks like,” Tom Allon hits the nail squarely on the head. (“Trump’s flaws could seal his fate”—Flushing Times October 14-20, 2016).

Benjamin M. Haber


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