Chef from Glendale to serve cannabis-infused meals at secret prohibition-style dinner

A Glendale chef is hosting the Prohibition: 4/20 Secret Dinner Event on April 20.
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A Glendale chef is cooking up a roaring 4/20 dinner where only a few select guests will be able to enjoy a meal infused with a derivative of marijuana.

Leighton Knowles — also known as the Culinary Ninja — has teamed up with MileHigh PMP CannaConsulting and Crucial Biology to create a Prohibition-style dinner where foodies can enjoy delectable dishes infused with cannabidoil (CBD), a low psychoactive component of cannabis, at the aptly named Prohibition: 4/20 Secret Dinner Event.

Photo courtesy of Leighton Knowles
Photo courtesy of Leighton Knowles

The event’s name refers to the time when alcohol was outlawed in the United States, and people met secretly in speakeasies to get their favorite drink.

The secret dinner will take place on Thursday, April 20, or 4/20, the date associated with celebrating marijuana use. In keeping with the Prohibition theme, the location of the event will only be given out the day before the event (April 19) to those who purchase tickets from the Eventbight page, although it is known that it will be somewhere in Bushwick.

Marijuana currently has varying levels of legality across the country, but there is a growing nationwide movement to legalize pot for recreational use. Several states have already permitted recreational marijuana, even though federal law continues to prohibit it. New York allows for the use of medical marijuana, but only in liquid, vapor or pill form; the Empire State has also decriminalized possession of small quantities of pot.

Knowles is assuring the public that this dinner is 100 percent legal. The CBD that will be infused into the meal has a very low psychoactive effect on the consumer; it does not contain THC, which gives users the “high” commonly associated with marijuana. CBD is also known to have positive effects such as stress and pain relief, and has even been found to help stop seizures caused by epilepsy.

“During prohibition times, people paid their fee at the door and got what was served, so we want to keep with that mood,” Knowles said of keeping his menu a secret. “With CBD, it makes you feel better. It gets rid of your aches and pains. You don’t get the psychoactive effect, which is what people don’t understand about it. It can also enhance the flavors of dishes.”

At the event, Knowles will be serving a secret three course meal where each course has amounts of CBD infused into it. After the meal, Mathew Kipp of MileHighPMP CannaConsulting will speak on the ever-changing legality of marijuana in the U.S., and how CBD can be used for its medical benefits.

“Cannabidiol is safe, and if used for better health and wellness in normal everyday edibles, vapes or even oils and isolate, can assist in overall homeostasis of the body’s endocannabinoid system,” Kipp said.

“I’ve always wanted to do an event myself to bring the information on CBD to people,” Knowles added. “A lot people don’t understand what it is. This isn’t an event where you will get high, you will leave feeling full and relaxed.”

For those not sure of what they will be consuming, Knowles said that all lab results will be on hand to provide information to reassure residents that the meal is THC-free.

For more information on the Prohibition: 4/20 Secret Dinner Event, visit the Facebook event page, and to buy tickets, go to the Eventbight page.

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