14 Queens schools selected to get colorful new pianos to bolster their arts programs

Photos courtesy of Sing for Hope

These Queens schools are going to get much more melodious.

After spending time on the city’s streets and public spaces, 50 vibrant pianos designed by actors and artists will find new homes in schools throughout the five boroughs. The initiative, created by nonprofit arts organization Sing for Hope, will bring pianos to 14 schools in Queens who need them most.

Pianos will be delivered to the following Queens schools:

P.S. 20 John Bowne Elementary; Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity; Academy of Medical Technology; P.S. 154; Community Voices Middle School; Shield Institute; P.S. 135; Village Academy; P.S. 50 Talfourd Lawn; Jacob Blackwell CS111; I.S. 109 Jean Nuzzi; P.S./M.S. 42 Robert Vernam School; P.S. 212; and the Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights.

An artist designing a Sing for Hope piano
An artist designing a Sing for Hope piano

With funding for the arts decreasing by 47 percent over the last decade, the nonprofit works to combat the deficit. The piano program benefits an estimated 16,000 New York City school children annually.

Additional funding is needed to bring each piano to the 50 city schools. In a call to action, the nonprofit is asking for the public’s help raising $100,000 for delivery, maintenance and future music programming costs.

Donations can be made by clicking here.

“We founded Sing for Hope with the vision of ‘art for all,’ and with each year that passes, we have the privilege of bringing these Sing for Hope Pianos to more and more children throughout New York City,” said Sing for Hope Co-Founders Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora. “For both of us, music was the way we expressed ourselves as kids, it was our lifeline, and we want to make sure that every child has the opportunity for creative exploration. These 50 Sing for Hope Pianos will ensure that many more voices are heard.”

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