Interactive swing dance show coming to Chapin Home for the Aging in Jamaica

Photo: Shutterstock

A special swing dance show is set to perform at senior home in Jamaica.

On Sunday, July 23, Akemi Kinukawa and Project Connect will present “Savoy! Dancing through the Swing Era” at the Chapin Home for the Aging, located at 165-01 Chapin Pkwy.

“Savoy!” is an original interactive swing dance show that takes the audience through the swing era by following its main character, Lillian Carlyle, an aspiring dancer from Hollywood. authentic jazz music by Big Band greats such as Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman, vintage fashions from the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s and, most importantly, the popular Lindy Hop dance.

Project Connect is a charitable, volunteer-based organization focused on bringing the joy of swing dancing to residents of nursing homes and senior centers who might otherwise have limited access to cultural performances and activities. They paired up with professional Lindy Hop/swing dance instructor, choreography and performer Akemi Kinukawa to put on this special performance.

“Our hope is that the seniors will be not just be a passive audience, but an integral part of the show—everything from clapping to singing along. After all, this is the music and dance of their era, so we hope the show will make them feel connected with performers as well as with one another,” Kinukawa explained. “We’ve even asked some seniors to model vintage fashions.”

While the performance is not open to the public, Kinukawa hopes that the show will be able to tour and entertain other nursing home facilities and senior community centers.

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