This is what Astorians are wearing on the streets of western Queens this summer – QNS.com

This is what Astorians are wearing on the streets of western Queens this summer

Photos: Ruthie Darling/QNS

A New York summer can be a harsh mistress, oscillating between blissfully warm and murderously humid. Stormy one minute and picture perfect the next.

On the streets of Astoria this month, we saw fashion that reflected the ever-changing weather and mood of the city, from casual shorts and a tee, to full on mermaid-chic! Take a look at the style mavens out in force this month.


City sommelier and Astoria resident Robin D. Wright looked very Woodstock-fabulous in her ombre skirt and crop top. Diggin’ those summer vibes.


Ina originally hails from Romania and reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits to “Sex and the City” in her tutu skirt. Love the soft pink paired with black for a touch of edge.


Nelson Lugo, aka The Charming Trickster, looked vintage chic and totally dashing in his blazer and straw boater ensemble. He was on his way to work as a magician, naturally.


Karina was out shopping with friends in this oversized gingham shirt worn with jeans. She works in health care but has a “passion for fashion.”


Milica was visiting Astoria from Serbia. She looked effortlessly cool in this striped dress, worn nonchalantly with white sneakers. I dream of being this cool!


Mermaids are always in style.


Zoe, a manager at H&M, let her tattoos take center stage by wearing casual shorts and a white T-shirt. A perfect summer look.

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