Ground broken on an array of improvements at Brookville Park in Rosedale

DA4_6377_083117 Brookville GB
Photo: Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

Rosedale park is going to get some major upgrades thanks to some newly acquired funds.

On Thursday, Aug. 31, Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski and various Queens representatives held a ground-breaking ceremony to launch the $2.2 million construction project at Brookville Park.

“Brookville Park is truly the heart of Rosedale and serves so many in the neighborhood, which is why we’re excited to see such a large investment in its future,” said Lewandowski. “Next year, Brookville Park will reopen with more space for seating, better lighting, and refreshed tennis courts for the community to enjoy.”

The project was funded by Councilman Donovan Richards Jr. and Mayor Bill de Blasio. The plans for the park include an expanded picnic area with additional picnic tables, an accessible path with ADA picnic tables attached, new grills, coal bin trash receptacle stations, new sports lighting, new surface at the tennis courts, and bleacher seating at the sports field.

The park is expected to reopen in one year.

“Today we usher in a new era at Brookville Park,” said Richards. “This groundbreaking symbolizes the beginning of ensuring that Brookville Park becomes southeast Queens’ premier park, and with the more than $4 million in investments our office secured this year, we are excited about the future of this oasis.”

The last time that the tennis courts at Brookville Park were resurfaced was in 2001. At that time, the courts were dedicated to Rosedale resident Derek Dilworth (1955-1999), an avid tennis player and park volunteer, he lobbied for the maintenance of Brookville Courts.

“Brookville Park is the jewel of Rosedale, and Rosedale is the treasure of New York City. We have made a heavy investment in this park and there is a reason why  when you have neighbors who have strongly supported this park, you have to stand by their actions, whether it be our tennis league taking our young people and shaping them into the next Arthur Ashe or Serena Williams or the Friends of Brookville Park shaping the entirety of this area,” said state Senator James Sanders Jr. “This is where we get a chance to support the community, and every chance we get, we are going to take.”