Rikers escapee faces 16 to life for Queens burglaries: DA

Rikers escapee faces 16 to life for Queens burglaries: DA
Naquan Hill, a burglar who tried to escape Rikers Island, had pleaded guilty to his crimes.
By Naeisha Rose

A Far Rockaway man from Eggbert Place was sentenced to 16 years to life as a persistent felon for burglarizing two Queens homes, according to District Attorney Richard Brown.

While being detained for the burglaries last summer, Naquan Hill attempted to escape from Rikers Island Prison Complex but was caught, and eventually pleaded guilty to two out of six burglaries early this month, according to Brown.

“In pleading guilty, the defendant has admitted to burglarizing two homes — violating the sanctity of the victims’ residences — in an attempt to enrich himself by taking another person’s valuables,” said Brown.

According to the criminal complaint, Hill entered six Queens’ residences between July 1 and Nov. 28 and took jewelry, electronics and clothing.

The complaint said that Hill left DNA evidence at five of the burglarized homes. He posted photos of the stolen goods on his Facebook account hours after the thefts and police traced the culprit to his home using the Find My iPhone app.

Hill further helped police by registering several of the stolen electronics to his own name, phone number and e-mail address, leaving a digital trail strong enough for the NYPD to be granted a warrant for access to his social media accounts and home.

Once at his property, police were able to recover items from all six burglaries, as well as from crimes committed at other homes in Queens and Nassau County. Hill pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree burglary on Jan. 17, according to Judge Barry Kron, the Supreme Court justice who presided over the case.

After being detained for his crimes, family members say that Hill became stir-crazy in jail after already serving an earlier four-year prison stint for burglary. He was released in March, only to end up in the same position again, which led to his attempt to escape in July 2017.

“As a persistent felon, the defendant will find himself incarcerated for a very long time as a result of this criminal act,” Brown said.

Hill was apprehended during his escape while still on the island and has to go to a pending court appearance before the Bronx district attorney to face escape charges.

Assistant District Attorney Tara A. DiGregorio of the District Attorney’s Career Criminal Major Crimes Bureau prosecuted the burglary case.

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